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The Basics of Prompt Engineering with Azure OpenAI

Did you know the hottest new programming language is English? On this episode of the AI Show, we are excited to welcome Marco Casalaina for a demo on how you can program your own ChatGPT – with natural language. And how prompt engineering really works. Resources: Revolutionize your Enterprise Data with ChatGPT Blog

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AI Privacy

What are ChatGPT’s Plans for World Domination. Just ask!

Rob Braxman Tech has some predictions about AI. You’re not going to like them, It is my prediction that AI will be used deeply for mass surveillance and it is already embedded in iPhones and being considered as a law in the UK. But let’s find out what ChatGPT thinks. Let’s get the details of […]

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AI Large Language Models Natural Language Processing

What is GPT4 and How You Can Use OpenAI GPT 4

Adrian Twarog explores GPT4 and how it can everything? How it is different from GPT3 and is AI future… (and I think it’s smarter than me). In this video I’ll cover exactly what the new GPT 4 model is.

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ChatGPT Can Now See! GPT-4 Release, Image-Chat and Edit & Midjourney v5

In this video, AI Andy announces the release of GPT-4, a new ChatGPT client that can now see! This new ChatGPT client is version 4 and includes a number of new features, including image-chat and edit. This means that you can now easily edit photos in ChatGPT while chatting with your friends. ChatGPT is the […]

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How to Build a 3D Printed Clippy Powered by ChatGPT from OpenAI, Azure Cognitive Services

On today’s show, Jim is joined by David Packman, a maker who loves building social robots. Inspired by the memes that #chatgpt is really Clippy under the hood, David has built a #raspberrypi powered, 3D printed #clippy you can ask questions to using ChatGPT.

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Generative AI Natural Language Processing

The ONE ChatGPT Prompt to Rule Them All 👑

Jason West may be the first great “prompt engineer”

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AI Generative AI Natural Language Processing

ChatGPT Official API First Look

ChatGPT now has an official API from OpenAI. Learn how to use the new Chat Completions API to build your own custom chat application or AI SaaS product. Beyond Fireship explains.

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AI Python

How to Build A Chatbot: ChatGPT in Python for Beginners

The AI Advantage teaches you how to create your very own ChatGPT chatbot from scratch, even if you’re a beginner. I’ll demonstrate three different versions of the chatbot, starting with the simplest one. All you need to follow along are Visual Studio Code, Python, and an OpenAI account with a secret key. Then, I’ll show […]

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