AI Data Driven Red Hat

Creating a Home Lab, Speaking, and an Upcoming Webinar

In today’s episode, Andy Leonard and I catch up on their recent activities, including my presentation at the Red Hat Summit Connect. They discuss the event and the focus on AI and government agencies. Frank also shares his experiences with a new product called Ansible Lightspeed with Watson code assist, which is enhancing the use […]

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AI Deep Fakes Ethics Generative AI

Is Hollywood as We Know It Over?

After seeing this YouTube video, I really to wonder about the future of Hollywood as we know it. This was streamed live on FranksWorldTV.

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Generative AI

This Week in Generative AI with Noelle

This video is from Noelle. Excited to catch you all live this week to talk about learning paths, github repos, fun announcements and exciting opportunities in generative AI.

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Livestream Site Updates

I’m writing a book (again)!

This video is from FranksWorldTV.

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Generative AI Large Language Models Livestream

ChatGPT Said What About Me?

This video is from FranksWorldTV. .

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Data Livestream

The Hierarchy of Data Needs

In livestream, I explain the Hierarchy of Data Needs.

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AI Livestream Security

AI’s Security Problem

In this video I did for  FranksWorldTV, I talk about AI’s biggest security problem.

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Career Data Driven

Big Tech Layoffs

In this livestream, Andy and I talk about the recent round of layoffs hitting technology companies.  Stu Ainsworth joins us in an impromptu discussion of layoffs, mental health, and empathy.  Stu, who was previously a guest on the show, was recently laid off from SalesForce. If you’re looking for a Site Reliability engineer, then look […]

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Current Events Livestream

Big Tech Layoffs and More

Today’s livestream I did on FranksWorldTV..

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Live from New York

Quick livestream I did the other day on FranksWorldTV.

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