The University of Chicago gathered leading experts from government, academia, and the private sector for an important announcement, followed by a virtual panel discussion hosted by the University of Chicago.

Quantum technology is a rapidly emerging area that has the potential to transform industries in the same way that the Internet has reshaped the world in recent decades.

At this event, experts will describe how Chicago — and the state of Illinois — are well-positioned to be the center of the quantum world, just as Silicon Valley became the center of the tech revolution.

The panel and remarks include participants from government, academia, and the private sector, including Bessemer Venture Partners, ColdQuanta and Honeywell.

Quantum London  partnered with Sia Partners to offer you two detailed, practical and actionable discussions.

In this first session held on 7th April we discussed with Martin Hofmann (ex Group CIO of Volkswagen where is was the Quantum Program Lead, now works with strategic customers at Salesforce), Markus Pflitsch (CEO and co-founder of Terra Quantum, a CERN Quantum Physicist and a senior financial executive) and Karan Pinto (Senior Venture Builder focused on Quantum Technologies at Sia Partners)

Anastasia Marchenkova explains what a quantum annealer is, and what can it do?

While they rely on the same quantum mechanical concepts, quantum annealers are especially great for optimizing solutions to problems by quickly searching over a space and finding a minimum (or “solution”) and also sampling problems.

For optimizing solution, you can think of this as looking over a landscape and finding where the low point is. An annealer does that!