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Happy Birthday .NET!

Visual Studio Team Interviews sits down with Richard Campbell and Dee Dee Walsh,who was one of the original Developer Relations and Community person starting before Visual Studio!  Dee Dee was most famously known for her Geekfest parties and helped foster the Microsoft developer community and MVP program. Her work inspired...

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SQL tools for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows

Sanjay Nagamangalam is a Principal PM in the SQL Server engineering group focusing on the tooling aspect for SQL Server. In this video interview, he talks about all the tooling being done for the different platforms.

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Artificial Intelligence Panel at Davos 2017

Fresh from the Davos 2017 World Economic Forum, here are some of the technology industry’s biggest leaders talking about the economic and social impact of AI and its “creative destruction.” It’s an interesting video to watch to get another perspective on AI and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Programming the Microsoft Surface Dial

The Surface Dial opens up whole new scenarios for developers to create rich and engaging user experiences for their users. Maybe, I’ll write an MSDN article about it. That’s a good excuse to go buy one.

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Surface Studio

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the Surface Studio announcement.  You may have even seen this cool video. Even better, the crew from Tested took a closer look at the announcements.

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Microsoft Empowering the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

In the US, the two major political parties gather every four years to nominate their candidates for President & Vice-President of the United States. Microsoft teams have played an integral role in helping to empower the organizers to create a more secure, accurate, and efficient democratic process. This team worked...

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Raymond Chen on Focus Management

Few people have been working on Windows as long as Raymond Chen. He’s also been mentioned on this blog many times before. In this video series, Raymond Chen covers a series of questions about Microsoft Windows development, team culture, and/or history. More epic content about Windows and its history can...