Why The End of WINDOWS 10 Could Be a Huge Problem

Windows 10 has officially entered the final stage of its life cycle, and now that the end of the road is on the horizon, the community is becoming increasingly vocal about legitimate concerns. Given the current state of affairs, all the signs seem to be pointing in one undesirable direction. Should Microsoft stick to its […]

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AI Data Driven Red Hat

Creating a Home Lab, Speaking, and an Upcoming Webinar

In today’s episode, Andy Leonard and I catch up on their recent activities, including my presentation at the Red Hat Summit Connect. They discuss the event and the focus on AI and government agencies. Frank also shares his experiences with a new product called Ansible Lightspeed with Watson code assist, which is enhancing the use […]

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AI Azure SQL SQL Server

Unlock the Power of AI and REST with Azure SQL Database | Data Exposed

The ability to simply call REST endpoints with a single line of code opens up the world of Azure Services to an Azure SQL Database. A single stored procedure call can access event hubs, blob storage, functions, and even AI. In this episode, Anna Hoffman and Brian Spendolini discuss how the newly generally available feature, […]

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Interesting Linux

The Computer Chronicles – Windows 98 (1998)

This video is from The Computer Chronicles and tracks the launch of Windows 98 as well as a new upstart Windows alternative called Linux.

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AI Azure

Unlock the Power of Open Source Foundation Models with Azure Machine Learning

This episode highlights the new feature announced at Microsoft Build around foundation models in Azure Machine Learning, allowing ML professionals to discover, fine-tune, and deploy any open source foundation models from Hugging Face.

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Introduction to project ORAS

Join Toddy Mladenov (Cloud Native + Ecosystem) and Sajay Antony (Azure Container Registry) to learn about the ORAS project and its role in the container ecosystem. In this episode you will learn about the history of the project and how it influenced the work to store artifacts in OCI registries. You will also a see […]

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The Computer Chronicles – The Internet (1993)

This video is from The Computer Chronicles, one of the few media outlets to cover technology in the 80s and early 90s. Looking back at this and how the internet changed things, I can’t help but wonder what looking back at AI videos and news stories three decades later will be like.

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How to Ignite Developer Innovation with Vector Search

This episode of the AI Show will uncover the exciting possibilities of vectors in Azure Cognitive Search (preview) in tandem with Azure OpenAI Service functions. Discover how these powerful tools can enhance search capabilities, making your AI solutions smarter and more intuitive. Experience the accuracy and relevance of vector + text “hybrid search,” while tapping […]

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Unveiling the New Features in VS Code & GitHub Copilot

Hot on the heels of my presentation Friday, I really enjoyed this video is from Visual Studio Code. Explore the newest features of Copilot in VS Code that go way beyond chat. From automatic suggestions in code reviews, scaffolding new projects, and sharing chat sessions, this is the ultimate catch-up guide for everything new in […]

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Big Data Data

Prepare for the DP-300 exam & the Azure Database Administrator Associate cert | Data Exposed

This video provides an overview of the DP-300 exam and its significance for database professionals. It delves into the key topics covered in the exam, exploring their relevance to real-world scenarios. Additionally, it highlights the most recent changes in the DP-300 exam to keep you up to date. The presentation concludes with practical tips and […]

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