AI Large Language Models

Building and Augmenting – Augment LLM Capabilities with RAG

In the 2nd tutorial, begin building and augmenting in Azure AI Studio. We’ll walk through how to develop prompt flows, develop RAG patterns, use Azure AI Search, and fine-tune LLM models.

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Understanding Logic gates

Technomics unravels the captivating domain of Integrated Circuits (ICs)! Join us as we embark on a journey from the fundamentals, dissecting the anatomy and roles of ICs, to a deeper exploration of intricate concepts like logic gates and latches.

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How to Build AI ready applications

In this session, explore the development of AI-ready applications using Azure SQL DB, open-source platforms, and Azure AI services. We’ll cover the principles of modern application design and demonstrate how to interact with your data conversationally. This session is a must for those looking to leverage Azure for building intelligent, data-driven applications.

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AI Science

Why Nvidia, Google And Microsoft Are Betting Billions On Biotech’s AI Future

As language models like ChatGPT and Gemini have ushered in a new age of AI in Silicon Valley, the world’s most powerful tech companies are looking ahead to drug discovery and digital biology. This video is from Forbes and there’s an accompanying article.

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Azure Azure SQL Containers

How to monitor the performance of your on-prem & multi-cloud SQL Servers w/ Azure Arc | Data Exposed

Learn how to use Azure Arc to monitor key performance metrics for your SQL Servers located in your data center, at the edge, or even in other public clouds.

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Fluent UI React Trainings: Styling best practices and icons

This tutorial covers two distinct topics. The first topic goes through some of the best practices of using the Griffel CSS-in-JS with or without Fluent UI components. We will learn about common development patterns when using Griffel and the best way to implement them. The second topic is a more advanced deep-dive into the different […]

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Azure Azure SQL Data Security SQL Server

Uncovering the Fundamentals of SQL Server and Azure SQL DB Security | Data Exposed

In this video is from Microsoft Developer, learn about SQL Server and Azure SQL Database security fundamentals you won’t want to miss.

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Overview of GitHub Actions deployments for Azure SQL | Data Exposed

GitHub Actions are a developer’s delight for deploying application code and database objects. GitHub sql-action provides a simpler way to execute scripts or publish SQL projects but we don’t need to sacrifice security for our deployments. In this episode we’ll review how your deployments can navigate SQL firewall rules and private networks so you can […]

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Demo of Azure AI & pgvector with Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Demo of Azure AI being used with Azure Database for PostgreSQL and pgvector. Based on a demo given by Claire Giordano on the keynote stage at PASS Data Community Summit, this video showcases how you can improve the relevance of search results on a recipe website by using Azure OpenAI. Specifically the demo shows how […]

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Azure Synapse Big Data Data Data Warehouse

Azure Data @ Microsoft Fabric Community Conference 2024 | Data Exposed Exclusive

In this Data Exposed Exclusive, join Anna Hoffman, Bob Ward, and Jason Himmelstein as they discuss everything you need to know about the upcoming Microsoft Fabric Community Conference!

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