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Building a Hobbit House in Rural Washington State

Kristie Wolfe builds tiny homes for less money than some people spend on a car. Her latest project would feel right at home in a Tolkien novel: a hobbit house. Not only that, she did it all off-grid and on a budget. From the video description: Wolfe paid $18,000 for...

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PDF and Border Guards

We take for granted the ability to share documents and media across devices and multiple platforms. But there was a time when that wasn’t as easy as tapping “Share.” Computerphile has an interesting interview with Professor Brailsford about the early days of PDF and Acrobat Reader, including an unusual exchange...

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Microsoft Empowering the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

In the US, the two major political parties gather every four years to nominate their candidates for President & Vice-President of the United States. Microsoft teams have played an integral role in helping to empower the organizers to create a more secure, accurate, and efficient democratic process. This team worked...

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Replacing Your Car Battery with Capacitors

Yesterday, I awoke to find that my car battery was dead. That got me thinking about alternatives to the tried and (usually true) car battery. Basically, batteries store electrical energy in the form of a chemical reaction.  It takes a lot of nasty chemicals to make this happen.  These chemicals...

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Building the Rush 4 Drone

In this episode of the Drone Garage, Jacob Orchard and Guada Casuso take you through the overview of the Quadrysteria Rush 4 kit that we’ll be building as part of a series of shows. Watch Part 1 now: