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Philosophy Friday: Nietzsche

Known for his facial hair, poor attitude, and “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” motivational phrases.  He’s also known for popularizing German words. But there’s more to the brain behind the mustache.

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Solving Complex Business Problems with DAX

In keeping with the DAX related posts, here’s a great from 2014 about solving complex business problems with the Data Analysis eXpressions language used in a variety of Microsoft data applications. This is a  demo-heavy session, that dives deeply into more complex DAX solutions that will show you how to...

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Life Pro Tip:

Do you use Facebook Messenger, but hate the vitriol of political discourse and the highly distractive nature of Facebook, but use their instant messaging features? Go to and log in with your Facebook credentials for the answer to all some of your social media frustrations. It’s a web version of...

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Advanced DAX

Here’s the follow up talk from the DAX 101 video I posted yesterday. It’s worth watching for a deeper dive into DAX.

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A Short History Of Data Science

It’s an IT industry buzz word now When did Data Science begin? While the term has arisen over the last few years to describe a new discipline that combines statistics, data architecture, and development to draw meaning from the vast sea of big data. However, interpreting and gleaning insight from...

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Introducing DAX

As you advance through mastering the Microsoft Data Science tools, you will encounter DAX. No, not the character from Deep Space Nine, but a language. Above: Jadzia is amazed by some cool data visualizations she made in Power BI.   DAX stands for Data Analysis Expressions.  it is a library...