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Color Copying Pen

Just like the eye-dropper tool in PhotoShop, except this works in the real world! Watch the video to see what I mean.

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Does Statistics Have a Place in the 21st Century?

In this thoughtful piece on the ongoing march of Data Science at the expense of Statistics, Lee Baker ponders whether or not statistics is dead and what exactly is data science? Almost comically, no one can come up with a firm definition of what exactly Data Science is. Sure, we...

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Constructing and Using Decision Trees

Join Jennifer Marsman as she welcomes Dr. Sheila Tejada as they discuss how to construct and use Decision Trees in your machine learning algorithms. If you’re wondering what Decision Trees are, they are machine learning algorithms that are great tools for helping you to choose between several courses of action....

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Pen and Ink in Windows 10 Apps

As a long time believer in (and developer for) the tablet form factor, I am quite delighted to see support for Ink and Pen in Windows 10 UWP apps. I was even more delighted to see the latest episode of Context cover this very topic.

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How Snapchat Filters Work

The engineering behind Snapchat’s augmented-reality selfies explained in this video from Vox. It’s not too dissimilar from the way you add them to your movie projects.

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What’s new in Babylon.js 2.4

David Catuhe blogs about the new version of Babylon.js, an entirely browser based 3D rendering environment. The new version adds the following features to an already impressive project: Canvas 2D Refraction HDR Cubemaps (You have to see this demo to believe it) Unlimited number of dynamic lights Parallax mapping Shader Includes...

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Shockwave Flash Error in 2016

A long time ago on the internet, there was something called Flash. An even longer time ago it was known as Shockwave Flash. Amazingly, there’s a site still using Flash in 2016 and the plug-in threw an error. I had to create this image to memorialize the event.

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Jen Stirrup on Machine Learning

In this session from UK TechDays Online, Jen Stirrup uses conference swag to explain data and machine learning. She also looks at modeling techniques in Analytics using R to understanding why statistical learning is important for analytics today.