AI Large Language Models Security

Can GPT-4 Find 0-day Exploits?

This video from Low Level Learning explains why AI may be a massive security threat. THE AI HACKERS ARE COMING!… maybe… well… thats what I’m trying to figure out. I wanted to see if ChatGPT was able to hack servers. And I’m not talking about script kiddie stuff where you run Kali Linux scripts and […]

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How to Build and Deploy a LeetCode Clone with React, Next JS, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Firebase

In this project tutorial, you will build a LeetCode clone with React, Tailwind CSS, Next.JS, Typescript, and Firebase. Also deploy it to Vercel at the end. 💻 Source Code: 💻 Github Gist: 🔗 Demo Project: 🔗 Discord Server(to ask questions):

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How SpaceX Is Trying To Solve The BIG Starship Problem!

SpaceX’s Starship 25 comes back from retirement to conduct a static fire. Elon Musk’s SpaceX tests a water-cooled steel plate prototype for Starship launches at McGregor, NASA chooses a second moon lander from Blue Origin, and the Artemis II crew is getting ready for a future lunar flyby.

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AI IoT Red Hat

Edge in Manufacturing: Streamlining IT/OT Collaboration with Red Hat

Uncover the power of streamlined collaboration between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) in manufacturing industries to create a secure, efficient, and adaptable critical infrastructure environment. Take control of the network edge of your OT with Red Hat. Learn more:

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Azure Synapse PowerBI

Microsoft Fabric Launch Digital Event (Day 2)

Learn more about the exciting news about the launch of Microsoft Fabric in this two-day digital event via Guy in a Cube. From Power BI, to Synapse, and Data Factory, you will be able to learn what’s available to you in this new offering. Missed Day 1? Watch it here:

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What Can Martial Arts Teach Us About Software Engineering?

This video is from Jon Wood. A little bit of different content. Going over some martial arts lessons that I’ve recognized and ways that they can help your software development career. Feel free to comment if you like this kind of content. Thanks!

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Sam Altman – The Man Who Owns Silicon Valley

This video is from David Ondrej. Sam Altman is the CEO of OpenAI, he holds investments in over 400 companies and his decisions literally decide the future of humanity. Join my team! – Don’t miss the AI revolution – Subscribe to stay ahead! Credits: @ycombinator @AaronWatsonPiper @EvanCarmichael @Scale_AI Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

Is Reinforcement Learning Still a Viable Path to AGI?

This video is from Machine Learning with Phil. While I have come out in support of John Carmack as a dark horse candidate to implement the world’s first AGI, we can’t discount one of the OGs of reinforcement learning: Richard Sutton. In a recent paper he outlined the path to AGI, and in the paper […]

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AI Large Language Models Natural Language Processing

Beginner’s Guide to Transformers: What Are They & How Do They Work?

This video is from AssemblyAI delves into transformers, because there’s more than meets the eye. I could not resist. Transformers were introduced a couple of years ago with the paper Attention is All You Need by Google Researchers. Since its introduction transformers has been widely adopted in the industry.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

NEW GPT4All “Snoozy” – Don’t Sleep On The Best Local LLM

In this video, Matthew Berman review the brand new GPT4All Snoozy model as well as look at some of the new functionality in the GPT4All UI. This model is fast and is a significant improvement from just a few weeks ago with GPT4All-J.

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