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Top 10 C# Best Practices

Some of these are pretty basic (at least to this former Microsoft employee ), but it’s always good to review the fundamentals.  And, after looking at many codebases, more folks need to review the fundamentals.

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TensorFlow in Medicine – Retinal Imaging

Diabetic retinopathy is the fastest growing cause of blindness. Lily Peng describes how TensorFlow was trained to analyze retinal fundus images to diagnose this condition. In the video below, she describes the project steps: from acquiring a dataset, training a deep network, and evaluating of the results.

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SSD Life Expectancy

Most laptops (and higher end desktops) these days ship with SSDs, or Solid State Drives. As they have no moving parts like traditional hard drives, they are faster and consume less power.  Here’s a deep dive from Explaining Computers about the technology behinds SSDs.

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Data Science at Wegmans?

I found a laminated Statistics study sheet with six glorious pages of Statistics goodness.  I was way to excited and had to share my find live on Facebook.