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Microsoft & OpenAI CEOs: Dawn of the AI Wars

This video is from Bloomberg Originals. On this episode of The Circuit, Emily Chang sits down with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to hear how AI is shaking up the competition for search. Nadella argues that this new wave of technology is as big as the web browser or the iPhone. Chang also speaks with OpenAI […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

LangChain – Advanced SQL in Natural Language and SQL Prompt Engineering

This video from Scientific Coding provides examples of advanced SQL natural language prompt engineering and how to provide context needed for the LLM inside the prompt.

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AI Data

OpenAI Embeddings and Vector Databases Crash Course

This video is from Adrian Twarog. Embeddings and Vectors are a great way of storing and retrieving information for use with AI services. OpenAI provides a great embedding API to do this. Postman lets you make these with easy at (today’s sponsor) In this video we will explore how to create a Vector Database […]

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Open AI Bootcamp

This video is from FranksWorldTV.

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AI Azure

Innovating with Vector search and Azure OpenAI Service plugins

Get ready to supercharge your search capabilities and ignite developer innovation! This episode of the AI Show will uncover the exciting possibilities of vectors in Azure Cognitive Search (preview) in tandem with Azure OpenAI Service functions. Discover how these powerful tools can enhance search capabilities, making your AI solutions smarter and more intuitive. Experience the […]

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AI Chatbots Generative AI Large Language Models

Stay Up-to-Date with AI News: LLaMA, MetaAI, AI Influencers, RT-2, LK-99 Superconductor

Matthew Berman has a jam-packed video this week, with news from Google, Meta, Robots, Stackoverflow, YouTube, the Dark Web, and the biggest scientific breakthrough in our generation.

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AI Ethics

What can Oppenheimer teach us about AI risk? An expert explains

Splitting the atom was arguably mankind’s greatest… and deadliest… invention. In this conversation snippet Liv Boeree asks nuclear policy expert Carl Robichaud what lessons we can draw from the nuclear bomb, and how we can apply them to new technologies like AI and synthetic biology as they loom on humanity’s horizon.

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