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AWS This Week: Increased limits for EC2 auto scaling & RDS snapshot, AWS Support new look

Jess is back with your AWS news! In AWS announcements this week, RDS snapshot concurrent copy limit increase, AWS Support gets an update to the create a case experience, and EC2 auto scaling increases the group default limit per account!

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Chrome OS Flex: Google’s New PC OS

Chrome OS Flex is a new version of Chrome OS, the cloud operating system used on Google chromebooks. As this video demonstrates, it can be installed on almost any PC, which can breathe new life to be brought to an old laptop. Seem like a bad time to use strong arm tactics to force users […]

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AI Red Hat

OpenShift 4.10 and NVIDIA Enterprise AI 2.0

Hardware still matters in public cloud, and there are exciting new supported environments to discuss in Red Hat OpenShift 4.10. This live stream takes a deeper look at new architectures for public cloud and hybrid deployments that enable enterprise developers and IT organizations a flexible and powerful application platform. In this episode, Stu Miniman is […]

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Red Hat

Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier: Open Source Drives the Cloud and Edge

Paul Cormier, CEO of Red Hat, discusses how open source’s innovation enables edge, and why hybrid cloud is now the operative model going forward.

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DevOps And Cloud Computing Full Course 2022

This Simplilearn DevOps and Cloud Computing full course will help you learn DevOps concepts and DevOps tools with examples and demos starting from basics to advanced. You will understand how DevOps work and how it is implemented in the modern software development lifecycle. Furthermore, we’ll cover the fundamentals of cloud computing, the cloud computing lifecycle, […]

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AWS Quantum Computing

Curious about quantum computing?

Dr. John Preskill is a pioneer in the field of quantum computing, and in this video he joins Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO of, as they discuss the current state of quantum computing.

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AI DevOps Red Hat

Getting started with AIOps

What do you need to do AIOps right? In this episode, Marcel Hild joins host Stu Miniman to dive into some practical realities of AIOps and how it can help our businesses and cloud infrastructure achieve new levels of agility. The term AIOps has been around for a few years now, but the conversation around […]

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How to Learn Microsoft Azure in 2022

This video is for those who made some new year’s resolutions to learn more about Azure and how you can get started to learn Microsoft Azure in 2022 and the cloud computing era.

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