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Pushing the Boundaries of What Web Apps Can Do

Steve Sanderson shows us the power of what browser-based apps can do in this talk from NDC Olso entitled, “Web Apps can’t really do *that*, can they?” As a former Silverlight/WPF/Smart Client developer, it truly amazes me what can be done in browser.


Web Development In 2017

The web developer world moves fast.  Today’s hot skills are the punch lines to jokes a year later or, at best, relegated to the dust bin of web history. Here’s a great overview of the skills needed to be a top notch web developer in 2017.


Top 10 C# Best Practices

Some of these are pretty basic (at least to this former Microsoft employee ), but it’s always good to review the fundamentals.  And, after looking at many codebases, more folks need to review the fundamentals.