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Effective TensorFlow for Non-Experts

Here’s an interesting talk fresh from Google I/O 2017 about using TensorFlow for non-experts.  TensorFlow offers high level interfaces like Keras and Estimators, which can be used without being an AI  or machine learning expert. Watch this talk to learn how to implement complex machine learning models and deploy them...


What’s a Tensor?

You’ve likely heard of TensorFlow, but didn’t think much of the name beyond, “must be a marketing thing.” It turns out that tensors are a mathematical object similar vectors.  Watch the video for an explanation with ordinary household objects.


TensorFlow in Medicine – Retinal Imaging

Diabetic retinopathy is the fastest growing cause of blindness. Lily Peng describes how TensorFlow was trained to analyze retinal fundus images to diagnose this condition. In the video below, she describes the project steps: from acquiring a dataset, training a deep network, and evaluating of the results.