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Databricks Speech and Voice

How Comcast Uses Voice, Data, and AI in Home Entertainment

Here’s an interesting look at how Comcast uses data to enrich customer experience. Comcast’s Data Team is bringing together voice, data, and AI to make home entertainment more accessible to everyone– regardless of age, language proficiency, or ability. With every voice prompt, the Xfinity remote control turns billions of spoken words into actionable insights, personalizing […]

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Thoughts on the Future of Python

Python has come a long way since it was created in 1989. This talk below looks into the current state, upcoming changes and explore possibilities for its future development, both at a language and application level.

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AI Robotics

The Future of Farming

Use code ISAACARTHUR14 for up to 14 FREE MEALS across your first 5 HelloFresh boxes plus free shipping at The future of agriculture offers many more innovations in robotics, hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, greenhouses, and more, but will it be a future of mega-farms or a decentralized model based on smaller farms? Or both?

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RZA on Wu-Tang Clan, Kung Fu, Chess, God, Life, and Death | Lex Fridman Podcast #228

RZA is a rapper, record producer, filmmaker, actor, writer, philosopher, and the mastermind of the legendary hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Fun fact: this is the 36th post of the month. Fans will get the reference. For all others, check out the title of their debut album. Time Stamps: 0:00 – Introduction 0:24 – Life […]

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Jo Boaler on How to Learn Math | Lex Fridman Podcast #226

Given the increasing importance of mathematics in the world, it may be as crucial to success as literacy. Jo Boaler is a professor of mathematics education at Stanford and the co-founder of youcubed. In this video, she sits down with Lex Fridman to talk about learning math. OUTLINE: 0:00 – Introduction 0:23 – What is […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

[ML News] New ImageNet SOTA | Uber’s H3 hexagonal coordinate system | New text-image-pair dataset

Yannic provides the latest news in machine learning in this video. Time Stamps: 0:00 – Intro 0:20 – TruthfulQA benchmark shines new light on GPT-3 2:00 – LAION-400M image-text-pair dataset 4:10 – GoogleAI’s EfficientNetV2 and CoAtNet 6:15 – Uber’s H3: A hexagonal coordinate system 7:40 – AWS NeurIPS 2021 DeepRacer Challenge 8:15 – Helpful Libraries […]

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World Robot Expo 2021 in Beijing | Robot panda, robot Einstein, robot surgeons

The World Robot Conference 2021 was held in Beijing, bringing together more than 500 robotic solutions from different countries. There’s a boom in robotics events around the world right now, and in the next installment we’ll cover the details of the robot exhibit in Japan. Be sure to watch the rest of the video and […]

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Jay McClelland: Neural Networks and the Emergence of Cognition | Lex Fridman Podcast #222

Jay McClelland, a cognitive scientist at Stanford, sits down for an amazing conversation with Lex Fridman. OUTLINE: 0:00 – Introduction 0:43 – Beauty in neural networks 5:02 – Darwin and evolution 10:47 – The origin of intelligence 17:29 – Explorations in cognition 23:33 – Learning representations by back-propagating errors 29:58 – Dave Rumelhart and cognitive […]

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AI Ethics Virtual Reality

Jaron Lanier on Virtual Reality, Social Media & the Future of Humans and AI

Jaron Lanier is a living legend. One of the earliest pioneers in virtual reality and I vividly remember reading about him in Wired magazine while I was still in college (and Wired was still relevant). Here he is speaking with Lex Fridman about VR, social media, AI, and humanity’s future. OUTLINE: 0:00 – Introduction 1:39 […]

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Niels Jorgensen: New York Firefighters and the Heroes of 9/11

Niels Jorgensen is a former New York firefighter for over 21 years, who was there at Ground Zero on September 11th, 2001. In this interview, he speaks with Lex Fridman about his experiences that day. OUTLINE: 0:00 – Introduction 3:12 – September 11, 2001 31:07 – Falling man 35:18 – Ground Zero 41:36 – 20 […]

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