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How To Install PrivateGPT – Chat With PDF, TXT, and CSV Files Privately! (Quick Setup Guide)

In this video, Matthew Berman shows you how to install PrivateGPT, which allows you to chat directly with your documents (PDF, TXT, and CSV) completely locally, securely, privately, and open-source. PrivateGPT is the top trending github repo right now and it’s super impressive. It uses GPT4All to power the chat. Links: PrivateGPT – https://github.com/imartinez/privateGPT GPT4All […]

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Get Ready: AI Regulation is Coming

Up until now, it’s all been fun and games, but AI leaders met with U.S congress yesterday to discuss the risks that artificial intelligence pose to society and recommended that the government create a regulatory body for oversight. What does regulation mean for the future of GPT-4, Bard, and other popular AI products? Will it help […]

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AI VFX Video Production

Replace Your Actor with a CG Character in One Click

This video is from the one and only Film Riot. Can you replace your actor with a CG character with just one click? Wonder Studio from Wonder Dynamics aims to make that a reality. But how good is it?

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Serverless was a big mistake… says Amazon

Amazon Prime Video released an article explaining how they saved 90% on cloud computing costs by switching from microservices to a monolith. Fireship examines the details of their software architecture and find out why serverless was a bad choice.

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Google Bard… the ChatGPT killer?

I recently got access to Google Bard and I wanted to ask it some coding questions, but was met with this response. Looks like Google has got some work ahead of them. This video from Fireship explains how Google just released Bard, an generative LLM similar to ChatGPT. Let’s take a first look at Bard […]

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PostgreSQL in Python – Crash Course

In this video from NeuralNine, learn how to use PostgreSQL in Python.

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GameDev Python

How to Make a Game in Python

In this video from Tech With Tim, Tim will be giving you guys an introduction to Python Game Development using the Pygame module, which is a simple 2D graphics library in Python. This tutorial will be simple, fun, yet allow you to create an extensible game!

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Natural Language Processing

Discovering Inspirational Insights in Motivational Sports Speeches Using Data Science

PyData presents this talk on Discovering Inspirational Insights in Motivational Sports Speeches Using Data Science. nspirational sports speeches have motivated and reinvigorated folks for years. Whether you’re a developer or an athlete, they’ve withstood the journey because even the smartest, the bravest, and the most resilient need some encouragement on occasion. During our time together, […]

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