Machine Learning

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The Art of Choosing the Right Model: What is an LLM Router?

In this video from Sam Witteveen takes a look at a new open source framework and the accompanying paper from LMSys for helping you to automate LLM selection based on the input query. There’s a fascinating shift happening in the burgeoning field of machine learning models —a shift that’s as much about economics as it […]

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Why You Need to Harness the Power of Sentient Marketing Now

In an ever increasing dynamic and competitive business landscape, marketing has become more crucial than ever for companies to thrive and succeed. As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, a new paradigm has emerged: Sentient Marketing. This innovative approach, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, is revolutionizing the way businesses engage […]

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Career Interesting

Is Return to Office making anyone happy in Tech?

Does returning to the office is actually making anyone in tech happy. I thought I’d try my best to look at the actual data. This video from Coding with Dee takes a closer look.

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AI Ethics

The Funny Side of Artificial Intelligence: How It Mastered the Art of Lying

This video is from Sabine Hossenfelder. We just saw another open letter about the risks of artificial intelligence, calling for more regulation. Justified or not, AI worry is making some people’s life miserable. Are concerns that AI will lead to humanity’s extinction overblown or not talked about enough? A recent review paper about AI learning […]

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AI’s Dirty Little Secret

This video is from Sabine Hossenfelder. There’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence these days, but what I find most interesting about AI no one ever talks about. It’s that we have no idea why they work as well as they do. I find this a very interesting problem because I think if we […]

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AI Generative AI Google Large Language Models

How Google Translate Turns 134 Languages into Math

In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate across linguistic barriers is more crucial than ever. Google Translate stands at the forefront of this effort, transforming the complex and nuanced world of human languages into the universal language of mathematics. This technology not only facilitates day-to-day interactions but also supports global business, diplomacy, and […]

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What is Web Crawling? | Proxies & Web Scraping Explained

This video is from Smartproxy. Welcome to Proxies & Web Scraping Explained. In this video series, we’ll briefly cover everything you need to know about proxies, automation, and web data collection. Today’s question is:

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AI Generative AI

Why Does Diffusion Work Better than Auto-Regression?

This video is from Algorithmic Simplicity. Have you ever wondered how generative AI actually works? Well the short answer is, in exactly the same as way as regular AI! In this video I break down the state of the art in generative AI – Auto-regressors and Denoising Diffusion models – and explain how this seemingly […]

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AI Google

Google I/O ’24 in under 10 minutes

Watch the recap from Google to catch up on the latest news, announcements, and AI updates from Google I/O ’24.

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