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Ethical Machine Learning

In this talk by Katharine Jarmul, explore the ethical concerns surrounding machine learning models that may or may not include external biases. With more and more of our lives being influenced (or flat out controlled) by algorithms, what can we do to make sure that the decisions made on our...

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How to Explain Machine Learning Predictions

Machine Learning has incredible power to revolutionize many industries.  In fact, machine learning algorithms already make decisions that impact your daily life. Unfortunately, the predictive models that are most powerful are usually the least (human) interpretable. In cases like fraud detection, end users need an understandable explanation of a particular...

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AI Is Progressing Faster Than You Think

If you’re a regular reader to Frank’s World, then you know that innovations in AI has reached a feverish pace. In this video, ColdFusionTV takes a high level look at this rapidly expanding field and some of the more amazing research projects out there today.

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Machine Learning: Testing and Error Metrics

Here’s gentle introduction to the process of evaluating and improving machine learning models. The video covers the following: Training, Testing Evaluation Metrics: Accuracy, Precision, Recall, F1 Score Types of Errors: Overfitting and Underfitting Cross Validation and K-fold Cross Validation Model Evaluation Graphs Grid Search