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Data Science Daily for June 16, 2017 – Facebook Gets Bots to Negotiate, Word2Vec, and 25 Billion Virtual Galaxies

Here are the top Data Science stories for June 16, 2017. Listen to the full episode here: http://datadriven.tv/datasciencedaily-june-16-2017-facebook-gets-bots-negotiate-word2vec-25-billion-simulated-galaxies/ Data Science Daily Show Notes @BourseetTrading #Facebook #AI Enables #Bots to Negotiate, Compromise @facebook #FAIR #IoT #ML #analytics #bigdata http://www.news18.com/news/tech/facebook-ai-enables-bots-to-negotiate-compromise-1433135.html … @CNNnews18 @gcosma1 Word2Vec (skip-gram neural network model): PART 1 – Intuition...


Data Driven Mini Show: Data Science vs Cancer

While at the Relay for Life in Latrobe, PA this weekend and the thought occurred to me: Data Science is the newest weapon in the fight against cancer. In fact, in a recent episode of Data Driven, Lynn Langit talked about some of the recent work she’s done in this...