Bhagvan Kommadi shows us the journey forward that Quantum Computing can take us.

Bhagvan Kommadi is also the Founder of Architect Corner – AI startup and has around 20 years’ experience in the industry, ranging from large scale enterprise development to helping incubate software product start-ups. Bhagvan Kommadi founded Quantica Computacao, the first quantum computing startup in India.

He discusses Quantum algorithms of the future that will have its dominance in every utility and application field while he also traces the evolution of Quantum Computing.

Matt Langione talks about the promise and magic of quantum computers.

Speaking next to an actual IBM quantum computer, he explains how these machines solve complex challenges like developing vaccines and calculating financial risk in an entirely new way that’s exponentially faster than the best supercomputers — and shares why industries should prepare now for this new leap in computing.

In this talk, Phillip Ball explains why quantum mechanics is not weird.

Quantum computers rely on concepts such as superposition and entanglement that defy our intuitions about how things can behave. It’s often said that the world is quantum-mechanical and weird at small scales, and classical and familiar at human scales.

I will challenge that idea, arguing that the classical world isn’t distinct from the quantum but emerges from it. While we don’t yet have a full understanding of how that happens, the outlines are becoming clear – and in one view, the concept of quantum information lies at the heart of that account. In this talk – which is not-technical and requires no specialist scientific knowledge – I will show address some popular misconceptions about what quantum mechanics means, and explain what we can currently say about what it does mean.