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Introduction to Python for Data Science

In this webcast, Karlijn Willems of DataCamp goes over the eight steps that you need to go through to learn data science with Python, with special attention to learning by doing with coding challenges, projects, and more.

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Convolutional Neural Networks in Python

In this talk from PyBay2016, Katherine Scott walks through the entire process of building a convolutional neural network for image classification. The process starts with a flask application to label your data, followed by characterizing, training, and evaluating the CNN using Pandas, Jupyter Notebooks, and Bokeh plots. Finally, she shows...

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Learn Python Through Public Data Hacking

What could possibly be more fun than learning Python? Why learning Python by hacking on open public datasets, of course! Learn Python basics by reading files, scraping the web, building data structures, and analyzing real world data. By the end, you will not only learn a thing or two, you...

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Bayesian Network Modeling using R and Python

More and more Bayesian Networks (BN) are being applied for real-world data problems. BNs provide the much desired complexity in representing the uncertainty of the predicted results of a model. The networks are easy to follow and better understand the relationships of the attributes of the dataset. As part of...