Red Hat Security

Understanding software supply chain threats

What security threats lurk in the software supply chain? Join David Mair, Senior Manager with the Product Security Supply Chain team at Red Hat, to hear how security vulnerabilities at each point of the software supply chain can jeopardize the integrity of your IT infrastructure and the data on it. Have you ever wondered how […]

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Windows Ventura – New drop schedule, Cronos device, Netflix ads

Every now and then I check out Windows Weekly to get a feel for happenings in the Windows world. Turns out a lot is going on. I have to admit that I hate being right about the fate of the Surface Duo. And, no, I am not moving to Windows 11 anytime soon.

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Uber Data Breach Shows Problems with 2FA – ThreatWire

So much security news this week. The LastPass Hack Lasted Four Days, Uber Data Breach Shows Problems with 2FA, Putty is being used to backdoor victims, and a HUGE giveaway you won’t wanna miss! All that coming up now on ThreatWire. #threatwire #hak5

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Future Quantum Computing

Top 10 emerging life changing technologies

Technology is progressing faster than ever, with ground-breaking innovative ideas being discovered every day. From Quantum Computing to Nano Technology, here are the 10 most incredible emerging technologies.

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AI Robotics

Google Just Put an AI Brain in a Robot [Research Breakthrough]

What happens when you put an A.I. Language model in a physical robot? Watch this video to find out.

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Virtual Reality

Everyone can participate in building the metaverse

Now that there are TED talks on it, the Metaverse is now officially hip. 😉 The promise of the metaverse extends far beyond digital spaces — it can transform and enrich how we experience the material world, too. From video games that bring communities together to digital art that collides with physical spaces, augmented reality […]

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1000 Drones Flying at Burning Man 2022

Burning Man is an interesting event. This year they flew 1000 drones in an amazing art show. Thank you to Drift Studios and the 10 artists that produced this gift for the playa. You can see a grid of charging pads that the drones return to for recharging. This allows the show to go on […]

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Quantum Computing

What are the Applications of Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing is the future. Here’s an interesting interview about the applications of quantum computing. Each month, I’ll be having a chat with some key people from the Quantum Computing World, to learn more about it, bit by bit..

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