Career Python Security

Fundamentals of Python for Cybersecurity | Google Cybersecurity Certificate

In this course from Google Career Certificates, you will be introduced to the Python programming language and apply it in a cybersecurity setting to automate tasks. You’ll start by focusing on foundational Python programming concepts, including data types, variables, conditional statements, and iterative statements. You’ll also learn to work with Python effectively by developing functions, […]

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Developer Javascript

Learn react from scratch with projects

This video is from Hitesh Choudhary. Let’s get started with Reactjs from absolute scratch. This is a project based series that will teach you basics of react.

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AI Data

OpenAI Embeddings and Vector Databases Crash Course

This video is from Adrian Twarog. Embeddings and Vectors are a great way of storing and retrieving information for use with AI services. OpenAI provides a great embedding API to do this. Postman lets you make these with easy at (today’s sponsor) In this video we will explore how to create a Vector Database […]

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Developer GameDev

15 Years Writing C++ – Advice for new programmers

This video is from SyncMain. I’m a video game programmer and I’ve been using C++ as a programming language for 15 years. Of course in my time as a programmer I’ve branched out to other languages, but I’d say C++ has been the focus for me across my hobby and professional projects.

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The Art of Linear Programming

TomS providesd a visual-heavy introduction to Linear Programming including basic definitions, solution via the Simplex method, the principle of duality and Integer Linear Programming. #some3 More problems:

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How to Create a Programming Language and Learn Advanced Python – Full Course

This video is from and shows you how to make your own programming language while learning advanced Python.

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How to Perform Financial Data Analysis with Python, Pandas, and NumPy

que8 shows us how to unleash the power of Python for financial data analysis with this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a finance professional aiming to boost your data analysis skills, a data science enthusiast, or an aspiring analyst, this video will equip you with the necessary tools to excel in financial data analysis using Python.

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AI Developer Large Language Models

How To Install GPT-Engineer👨‍💻- Build ENTIRE Apps With One Prompt! (Quick Setup Guide)

In this video, Matthew Berman shows you how to install and use GPT Engineer, which is a new project on the top of the GitHub trending repos that allows you to enter a prompt and build an entire codebase project easily. It’s very impressive and already better than Smol Developer.

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AI Large Language Models

How to Upload Files to ChatGPT: A More Powerful Experience

In this video from Automate My Life., see how to upload files into ChatGPT, a powerful language model based on the GPT-3.5 architecture. With this code, you can easily upload text files, JS files, Python files, and even CSV ‘s to ChatGPT and get accurate responses to your prompts.

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