Clean Code Lesson 1 with Uncle Bob

“Coding Better World Together” is a set of master lessons from the famous Uncle Bob (Robert Cecil Martin), where he gives us a broad vision of the importance and future of Software in today’s society. In this first lesson, Uncle Bob demonstrates the need to write a clean code and establishes the bases to achieve […]

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Iterators, Iterables, and Itertools in Python

For-loops in Python do a lot of work for you. By learning how iteration works, you will be able to add iteration to your own classes and create custom iterable objects. Python also gives you an “itertools” module which contains a lot of convenience functions to save you time and streamline your code.

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Why Random Numbers Aren’t Random

Tech with Tim explains why random numbers are not random. In most computer programming languages, random numbers are generated deterministically. Meaning you can guess what the random number will be and control it as well. Time stamps: 00:00 | Why Random Numbers Aren’t Random 01:58 | Random Module Documentation 02:23 | Generating Random Numbers in […]

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Automatically Send Happy Birthday Emails Using Python

Never Forget Someone’s Birthday Again By Automatically Sending Happy Birthday Emails Using Python.

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Career Developer

How Many Programming Languages Should You Learn?

There’s a question that has come up time and time again in my career:  How many programming languages should you learn? Here’s an interesting perspective from YouTuber ForrestKnight Well if you’re starting out… one. But which programming language is heavily dependent upon your goal. Or throw your goal out the window and just learn C, […]

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IoT Python

Brew a Coffee With Python – Tuya Smart IOT Platform Walkthrough

In this video, learn how Time wrote a python script that can brew his coffee. Resources: Tuya Smart IOT Website: Tuya Cloud Development Quick: Tuya Smart IOT URL Choice: Code In This Video: Tuya Smart Cloud Development API Explorer: Timestamps 00:00 | Introduction 01:19 | Internet of Things 02:01 | Tuya Smart IOT […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

Checking out a 6-Billion parameter GPT model, GPT-J

Here’s a look at a GPT model that was trained with 6 billion parameters and is available to experiment with. An actually-open-AI model is available for you to download the weights to and tinker with, GPT-J. It’s a 6 billion parameter large language model that can do long-form natural language generation, do programming, be a […]

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Top 50+ AWS Services Explained in 10 Minutes

AWS (Amazon Web Services ) is one of the world’s largest and most complex public cloud services company with well over 200 unique services. Fireship explains the top 50 services in just ten minutes.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Absolute Beginners

Paul McWhorter starts off his series on AI for Everyone with an intro to AI for beginners.

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