Computer Science

Quantum Computing Security

Computer researcher speaks on the revolution of quantum computing

This interview with Jack Hidary covers the most important things you need to know about quantum computing. A little about Jack Hidary’s take on Quantum Computing & cryptography: Quantum computers will soon be able to crack classical encryption, resulting in a massive leakage of sensitive data and secrets. The international cybersecurity community is rushing to […]

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Reverse Engineering Software Explained

You just have the binary – can you work out what it does & how? Dr Steve Bagley talks about how you might reverse engineer a piece of software.

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Natural Language Processing

AI Language Models & Transformers

Plausible text generation has been around for a couple of years, but how does it work – and what’s next? Rob Miles on Language Models and Transformers.

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AI Ethics

The Road to General AI • Danny Lange • GOTO 2021

With recent news of a “sentient chatbot,” the topic of AGI is top of mind for me again. Danny Lange, SVP of AI and ML at Unity Technologies, presents this talk on the subject. ABSTRACT Senior vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence at Unity Danny Lange will set the stage by introducing the […]

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