About Frank’s World

About the Site

Frank’s World has been online since October 13, 1995, when I uploaded the first bits of HTML and image files onto the server of my dial up ISP. The site has been many things over the years: a parody news site, a travelogue blog, an e-zine, and technology blog.

In 2004, the focus of the site shifted towards learning and mastering .NET technologies. In 2014, I took a turn into IoT and Civic Tech. In 2016, I shook things up when I saw the light about AI and Data Science.

in 2019, I had a similar “aha moment” when I got a glimpse into the future of computing hardware

That’s what inspired me to start another podcast about Quantum Computing.

About Frank La Vigne

Frank La Vigne is a seasoned Data Scientist and the Global GTM (Go-to-Market) Lead for Data Services at Red Hat. He possesses an unwavering passion for harnessing the power of data to address pivotal challenges faced by individuals and organizations.
A trusted voice in the tech community, Frank co-hosts the renowned “Data Driven” podcast, a platform dedicated to exploring the dynamic domains of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Beyond his podcasting endeavors, he shares his insights and expertise through FranksWorld.com, a blog that serves as a testament to his dedication to the tech community.
Always ahead of the curve, Frank engages with audiences through regular livestreams on LinkedIn, covering cutting-edge technological topics from quantum computing to the burgeoning metaverse.

He also co-hosts two podcasts: the data focused DataDriven and quantum computing podcast Impact Quantum.

He blogs regularly at FranksWorld.com and you can watch him on his YouTube channel, “Frank’s World TV” (FranksWorld.TV).Frank has extensive experience as a software engineer. You can find him on Twitter at @tableteer.