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Best of Visual Studio 2017 Launch

Here are the top highlights from the Visual Studio 2017 Launch including: “Inner Loop” and “Shift Left”, the new 3rd party add-ins now included, and how Visual Studio 2017 can  provide features and insights to a developer earlier in a DevOps process

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Exploring the UWP Map Control

My latest MSDN column on UWP development covers the SDK’s built in map control. Spoiler alert: it’s easy to use, powerful, and fun to add maps your UWP app. It’s even free! Read it now or any one of my other MSDN articles.

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Raspberry Pi Assembly Language Tutorial

If my previous post about comparing C code to its compiled machine language equivalent made you want to know more, then good on you.  While the days of having to deal with this low level of code are long gone, understanding the fundamentals is always a good idea.  It may...

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Comparing C to Machine Language

It’s been a long time since I played around with creating compilers and messing around with machine language. If you’ve decompiled .NET code into IL, the concept is similar, but this is the OG way to do it. So, the next time you feel the urge to complain about the...

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Top 10 C# Best Practices

Some of these are pretty basic (at least to this former Microsoft employee ), but it’s always good to review the fundamentals.  And, after looking at many codebases, more folks need to review the fundamentals.

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Spatial Audio Capabilities for Xbox and Windows

Here’s an interesting talk about the upcoming spatial audio features for Windows and XBox games.  Spatial audio, or 3D audio, adds an extra bit of realism to games by adding spatial cues to sounds.  Watch this video from the recent Game Developers Conference to find out more.