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Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn for 2017

Here’s an interesting video about the top programming languages for 2017. I’m not sure I totally agree with this list, but the term “top programming languages” is hardly objective. Here’s his list and watch the video to see his reasoning. Javascript (NodeJS and ReactJS) SQL (A database query language) Swift...

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SQL tools for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows

Sanjay Nagamangalam is a Principal PM in the SQL Server engineering group focusing on the tooling aspect for SQL Server. In this video interview, he talks about all the tooling being done for the different platforms.

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Cleaner Code with Less Coding

Mikaël Mayer, a PhD candidate of the IC School at EPFL, is researching how to generate clean source codes out of interactions with a Powerpoint-like interface.

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Creating a Twitter Searching App in UWP

My latest article in MSDN Magazine is out today! I wanted to create something that provided the functionality of the old TweetDeck with features that I needed. . How to Create a Twitter Searching App in UWP Currently, I manage several YouTube channels that source content from tweets marked with...

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Debugging the Spark Python API

Here’s an interesting podcast on debugging the Spark Python API from IBM by Holden Karau. (Link to MP3 file) Holden Karau is a software engineer at IBM, an active open source contributor and coauthor of Learning Spark (O’Reilly Media, February 2015) and the soon to be released High Performance Spark...

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Unity Navigation

This is part 2 of an ongoing series on Channel9 about Unity Game development.  (Watch Part 1) Check it out!

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The Industrial Internet of Things at Gaithersburg .NET Meetup

Inspired by our post Meetup discussion in December, we’re talking about IIoT tomorrow night, Gaithersburg.NET Meetup will have a talk on the Industrial IoT. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Abstract Our follow-up topic this month is to go a little deeper and discuss the Industrial Internet of Things(IIOT). What...