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Spatial Audio Capabilities for Xbox and Windows

Here’s an interesting talk about the upcoming spatial audio features for Windows and XBox games.  Spatial audio, or 3D audio, adds an extra bit of realism to games by adding spatial cues to sounds.  Watch this video from the recent Game Developers Conference to find out more.

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Happy Birthday .NET!

Visual Studio Team Interviews sits down with Richard Campbell and Dee Dee Walsh,who was one of the original Developer Relations and Community person starting before Visual Studio!  Dee Dee was most famously known for her Geekfest parties and helped foster the Microsoft developer community and MVP program. Her work inspired...

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Carol Nichols on Why Rust is Awesome

Carol Nichols, a web developer, shares why her current language of choice is Rust. See why this new systems programming language that provides memory safety, static typing, no null pointers, a package manager, and Windows support is exciting and innovative.

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Mastering Chaos – A Netflix Guide to Microservices

Microservices are all the rage right now.  Netflix has some experience with deploying them. In this talk,  Josh Evans talks about the chaotic and vibrant world of microservices at Netflix. He starts with the basics- the anatomy of a microservice, the challenges around distributed systems, and the benefits. He then...