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Blockchain Security

OpenSea Had A Malicious NFT Problem – ThreatWire

OpenSea had a malicious NFT problem, a twitch hack update, and whatsapp officially adds end to end encrypted backups! All that coming up now on ThreatWire.

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Cryptocurrency Security

This Malicious Crypto Wallet Steals Bitcoin

Hak5 highlights some creative malicious tech that will rob you of your Bitcoins.

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Nvidia Patches Vulnerable Drivers/vGPUs and TikTok Caught!

TikTok To Stop Scraping Clipboard Data, a Nationwide Bill could Ban Facial Recognition, and Nvidia Discloses Multiple Vulnerabilities.

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Facial Recognition Security

Facial Recognition Bans are Trending

Hak5’s latest edition of Threatwire highlights some fascinating recent developments in the security field. Lamphone Can “See” Your Conversations, Facial Recognition Bans are Trending, and Honda was Hit With Ransomware

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IoT Security

Cheap DIY WiFi Cameras & Cloud Free Home Automation

This time on Hak5, Glytch walks you through building your own cost effective and secure wireless cameras, as well as options for cloud-free home automation using Home Assistant. Interested in building some yourself? Check out his Github repo for the 3d printable models, config files and more!

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