The Unraveling of Empire: Empire Darknet Market Admins Arrested

In the shadowy corridors of the internet, where anonymity reigns and the untraceable currency flows like water, the fall of Empire Market has unfolded like a modern-day digital tragedy. The recent arrest of Thomas Pavey and Rahee Hamilton, the alleged architects behind one of the largest darknet markets in history, marks a significant chapter in […]

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Interesting Privacy Security

How the FBI Tried to Wire Tap the World: Darknet Diaries

This video is from Jack Rhysider. A special phone, made from top-to-bottom with privacy, hidden apps and encryption to protect your data from prying eyes. Sounds great, right? There’s only one problem: It has a secret back door that funnels everything you do to law enforcement. Privacy journalist Joseph Cox shares the complicated story of […]

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Privacy Security

FCC fines wireless carriers $200 million for sharing user location data!

Tom and Kevin from Shared Security discuss two major cybersecurity and privacy news stories. The first topic covers the FCC issuing fines to major US wireless carriers for sharing users’ real-time location data, totaling nearly $200 million. They express surprise and skepticism over the carriers’ actions and deliberate on whether the fines would be impactful […]

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Linux Security

XZ Backdoor: Timeline and Overview

This video from Seytonic covers the XZ backdoor scandal. Sources:

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AI Security

Unleashing the Power of AI: Hacking WiFi Networks in Seconds with Pwnagotchi

This video from Yaniv Hoffman is useful and, please use it for good. Hello Community!!! Welcome to Yaniv Hoffman’s Channel. This video will teach how to pentest / ” hack ” wifi networks that can be found anywhere. This video is for educational purposes only and is meant to help you understand how networks are […]

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The Great Privacy Awakening

This video is from Jack Rhysider. This is not a drill, but a dire call to action. Your privacy is worth rebelling over. Corporations and governments are greedily stripping away our digital privacy. It’s not just about data; it’s about power, control, and our fundamental rights. It’s time to say ‘No More’ to data breaches, […]

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