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Google I/O ’24 in under 10 minutes

Watch the recap from Google to catch up on the latest news, announcements, and AI updates from Google I/O ’24.

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Top 13 AI Tools To Create Killer Videos, That Nobody is Using YET!

In this video, ScalingwContent. curated the best new AI tools of all time that are set to revolutionize content creation as we know it. From transforming your B-Roll into engaging masterpieces to morphing your voice into any character you desire, these AI gems are here to save you time and skyrocket your content’s reach across […]

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AI Large Language Models Research

How To Use Perplexity AI For Research – Terrifyingly SMART!

This video is from Andy Stapleton. In this thorough Perplexity AI review, we’ll navigate through the intricacies of its functionality and explore its potential to transform the landscape of academia.

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AI Generative AI

Watch: OpenAI Tool Creates Realistic AI Videos | WSJ News

This video from WSJ News shows that even the “normies” are watching the AI space very closely. The new system, called Sora, takes a written prompt and renders a richly detailed video through artificial intelligence. OpenAI, which created ChatGPT, said a group of researchers will identify ways the program could be misused. Photo: OpenAI

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Gemini 5 Pro Demo: Tackling 100,633 Lines of Code with Problem-Solving Skills

This is a demo from Google of long context understanding, an experimental feature in our newest model, Gemini 1.5 Pro using 100,633 lines of code and a series of multimodal prompts. Token count details: The input TXT file (816,511 tokens) and image (256 tokens) total 816,767 tokens. The text inputs add additional tokens into the […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

ChatGPT Store is Here! How to Use and Make Money

The GPT-Store Announcement Finally Came. Here’s what we know as well as some other news coming out of OpenAI/ChatGPT This video is from Matt Wolfe.

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AI Hardware

How AI Chips Power Machine Learning | WSJ Tech Behind

The technology behind generative AI like ChatGPT has exploded, fueling a demand for chips that can handle the complex processing power these programs need. Big tech companies Microsoft, Amazon and Google are all designing their own chips because they can optimize their computing workloads for the software that runs on their cloud. But what does […]

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