Hardware Networking

The BEST Homelab Server for the Money – Dell PowerEdge R730

Computers and Coffey showcases his Dell R730 server that he uses in his homelab.

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Is Microsoft DESTROYING Windows with Windows 11?

I have made no secret of my disdain for changes made in Windows 11. It was a driving force for me  experiment with Linux last March and finally break down and buy a MacBook last October. More recently, my wife’s laptop was “stealth upgraded” to Windows 11, which really ticked her off. Fortunately, there is […]

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Startups Virtual Reality

How One Young Entrepreneur Discovered A Way to Improve Supply Chain Logistics With Augmented Reality

Faced with the strenuous demands of manual warehouse jobs, frontline operators turn over at an astonishing rate. This supply chain logistics problem has been void of innovation, especially for smaller organizations. Ox enables businesses, big and small, to operate more efficiently as micro-distribution centers through dynamic tracking tools and AR integrations. At the center of […]

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