Day: October 16, 2023

AI Large Language Models

Model Monitoring for LLMs

In today’s fast-paced video, explore the cutting-edge techniques used by industry experts to keep their LLM apps in check.

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Funny Linux

Tech Support Scammer vs Linux Mint

This video is from Lewis’s Tech.

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Hardware Interesting

How Long Can SSD Store Data Unpowered? Year 1 Update

How long can an SSD store data while unpowered? HTWingNut is doing his own basic test to store and check data after 1 year and 2 years left unpowered.

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Hardware Networking

The BEST Homelab Server for the Money – Dell PowerEdge R730

Computers and Coffey showcases his Dell R730 server that he uses in his homelab.

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Why is the JavaScript ecosystem switching to Rust?

turbopack, parcel, rspack, vite, and even tailwind are all using Rust! but these are all tools for and by javascript developers. So what’s going on? Chris biscardi explains. ViteConf slides:

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AI Hardware

What’s this?! A Portable GPU That Fits In Your Palm Of Your Hand! Pocket AI RTX A500

This video is from ETA PRIME. The ADLINK Pocket AI is a portable GPU with an NVIDIA RTX A500. It’s about the size of a deck of playing cards. It’s powered by Thunderbolt 3 and has 4GB of GDDR6 RAM. the ADLINK Pocket AI A500 is here to transform your AI workflow and unleash the […]

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AI Neural Networks Research

Retentive Network: A Successor to Transformer for Large Language Models (Paper Explained)

This video is from Yannic Kilcher. Retention is an alternative to Attention in Transformers that can both be written in a parallel and in a recurrent fashion. This means the architecture achieves training parallelism while maintaining low-cost inference. Experiments in the paper look very promising. Paper:

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