Hardware Security

How to Build a Powerful Home SIEM Lab Without Hassle! (Step by Step Guide)

This video is from Gerald Auger, PhD – Simply Cyber. Welcome to your one-stop guide for building a Free valuable Home SIEM Lab quickly and efficiently! This tutorial will help aspiring SOC analysts get practical experience without having the job yet. Get Ahead in Your Cybersecurity Career: Practical experience is key in the cybersecurity field. […]

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How to Network Boot Any Operating System with netboot.xyz

As I work on building out and running my own home lab, I found this video from Techno Tim helpful on explaining PXE (pronounced Pixie) Booting. Imagine all of your favorite operating systems in one place, available anywhere on your network, and you’ll never need to use your flash drive again. That’s the promise of netboot.xyz, […]

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Networking Security

Free NMAP Network Scanner Tutorial

This video is from Revolution InfoSec. A full length tutorial which you can use to comprehensively learn how to use NMAP, the open source network scanner. You’ll learn first the fundamentals of the networking you need to know in order for network scanning to make sense.

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Security Smartphones

How to Run Kali Linux on any Phone

Kali Linux is the go to OS for hackers (ethical and otherwise) and now you can run it on your phone.

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A Shocking 3.27 Billion Passwords Are on Sale for Song

Another day, another hack. Seytonic covers the latest shocking breash and how to protect yourself.

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