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Google has a Free Machine Learning Course

I’m often asked about the best place to learn machine learning and data science and, while the certification path I learned on is no more, there are still plenty of options. Python Programmer  does a high level overview of the Machine Learning Crash Course from Google. It’s free so, have a look.

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Scaling Pandas with Apache Spark + Koalas for ML

Databricks recently held a webinar on how they worked with Virgin Hyperloop One engineers. They discuss the goals, implementation, and outcome of moving from Pandas code to Koalas code and using MLflow. Lots of code, notebooks, demos, etc. Come hear Patryk Oleniuk, Software Engineer at Virgin Hyperloop (VHO) discuss how VHO has dramatically reduced processing […]

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Pandas 1.0.0 – 6 key features in the new version

Pandas 1.0.0 is the Python’s primary library for data analysis and manipulation. Pandas 1.0.0 is now officially released! ✅Get 20% OFF the data science training! Although at first sight this latest version is not much different for the user than the previous release starting with a 0: 0.25.3, there are plenty of enhanced features […]

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25 Python Pandas Tricks

Kevin from Data School shares 25 tricks for Pandas.

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Data Science Best Practices with pandas

Data School has a great video on the pandas library. In it, you’ll use pandas to answer questions about a real-world dataset. Through each exercise, you’ll learn important data science skills as well as “best practices” for using pandas. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll be more fluent at using pandas to correctly and […]

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Learn Pandas in 10 Minutes

YouTuber Python Programmer has a python pandas tutorial that draws inspiration from the  Pandas tutorial. Pandas is an excellent python module and is essential for Data Science work. It’s designed for cleaning and analyzing data. Watch this tutorial to learn how to use it.

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Using Pandas for Better (Or Worse) Data Science

The pandas library is a powerful tool for multiple phases of the data science workflow, including data cleaning, visualization, and exploratory data analysis. However, proper data science requires careful coding, and pandas will not stop you from creating misleading plots, drawing incorrect conclusions, ignoring relevant data, including misleading data, or executing incorrect calculations. In this […]

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Pandas Python

Introduction to Pandas

Daniel Chen presents an introduction to Pandas at the PyData Carolinas conference last year.

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Python Pandas Dataframe Basics

Here’s a great overview of one of the key data structures you will encounter in Python: the DataFrame.

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