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What Happens When You Train an AI with 10,000 Memes

A video walkthrough by Coding with Lewis on training an AI with over 10,000 memes to generate funny captions, including data collection, model training, and challenges faced. IDEAS: – AI trained with 10,000 memes to automatically generate captions for images. Initial AI attempts at humor were largely unsuccessful and not funny. Memes evolved from user-generated […]

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Microsoft Open Source

From Closed to Open: Building and Running MS-DOS with Ease

Microsoft has released the code to MS-DOS 4.00 on GitHub; Dave’s Garage takes you a tour of the code, builds it, and runs it on original hardware.

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Open Source

The Making of GNU: The World’s First Open-Source Software

This video is from ForrestKnight. The GNU Project was the first widely recognized open source software project, as we understand the term today (the practice of sharing and collaborating on software code predates GNU by several years). The making of the GNU Project is a story that every tech enthusiast should know.

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