Privacy Security

Leaked: The Feds Can See Your Notifications

This video from Seytonic points to a disturbing lea. Sources:

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AI Apple Machine Learning

MLX Tutorial: Apple’s Bold Move in Machine Learning Arena!

Discover the power of MLX, the new package from Apple’s Machine Learning team! In this video, Mervin Praison explores how MLX enables your Mac computer to run large language models more efficiently. Get ready to dive into the world of efficient and flexible machine learning with MLX.

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iMessage for Android: A Security Risk You Should Know About

This video from Seytonic highlights the latest happenings in security. Sources: taken-down-in-24-hours/?comments=1&comments-page=1 blue-bubbles-to-android/

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AI Current Events

The Entire OpenAI Chaos Explained

This video from ColdFusion goes over the drama of recent time. Last week featured one of the most bizarre shakeups in the tech landscape. OpenAI fired their CEO Sam Altman, before taking him back days later. What followed was a flurry of rumours as to what happened, the most interesting of which is a human […]

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Lindows, the weird Walmart Linux from 2002!

This video from Action Retro. delves into the weird story of Lindows, the 2000’s Linux that came installed on cheap Walmart PC towers.

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Apple Security

All Apple Products are Vulnerable to New Password Stealing Hack

This video is from Seytonic. Sources: lockup spam demo

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Hardware Raspberry Pi

How Can this Single Board Computer be Faster than a Mac Mini AND a Raspberry Pi?

I really need to spend some time with SBCs. There’s a lot of innovation there. This video from ServeTheHome highlights one particularly interesting SBC. This single-board computer integrates a 12-core processor, fast memory with in-band ECC support, lots of expandability, and even an integrated Arduino controller with GPIO pins. That makes the LattePanda Sigma a […]

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Apple Linux

Modern Ubuntu is KILLER on old Intel Macs!

Action Retro installs the latest Ubuntu Linux on an old 11″ Macbook Air. How does it compare to running MacOS Catalina on it, which is the last officially supported MacOS?

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Cardiologist’s In-Depth Look at the Apple Watch

Will the Apple Watch save lives? I’m an academic cardiologist & this is an in-depth, unbiased look at the science & implications of the exciting new ECG heart monitor function. Medlife Crisis analyzes the science, the statistics, the medicine and what it may mean for you, if you buy an Apple Watch.

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Did the EU Really Just Change Smartphones Forever?

This video is from ColdFusion. A new EU law will require all mobile devices to have user-replaceable batteries by 2027. In this episode we take a look at the law, it’s consequences and right to repair.

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