AI Large Language Models

How to Compare Multiple Large PDF Files Using AI (w/ Jerry Liu, Co-Founder of LlamaIndex)

In this video from Chat with data, you’ll learn how to ask complex questions and compare valuable information across multiple large pdf documents using LlamaIndex. LlamaIndex is a data framework for LLM applications to ingest, structure, and access private or domain-specific data. Jerry Liu, Co-Founder of LlamaIndex, covers the use case of two financial 10-k […]

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How to scrape online reviews : Web Scraper Tutorial

Online reviews help consumers make informed decisions and provide feedback to businesses. At the same time, online reviews help businesses build their reputation, attract more customers, and improve their products and services. Luminoso helps organizations understand the massive volumes of feedback being given. This video will help you collect that feedback so you can understand […]

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Natural Language Processing

Language Processing with BERT: The 3 Minute Intro (Deep learning for NLP)

Jay Alammar explains how to use BERT for language processing. Since its introduction in 2018, the BERT machine learning model has continued to perform well in a lot of language tasks. This video is a gentle introduction into some of the tasks that BERT can handle (in search engines, for example). The first 3 minutes […]

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AI Natural Language Processing Research

Automatic Prompt Tuning for Large Language Models | RLPROMPT paper explained!

The Global NLP Lab explains the paper “RLPrompt: Optimizing Discrete Text Prompts with Reinforcement Learning“. Paper Abstract: Prompting has shown impressive success in enabling large pretrained language models (LMs) to perform diverse NLP tasks, especially when only few downstream data are available. Automatically finding the optimal prompt for each task, however, is challenging. Most existing […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

What is BERT and how does it work? A Quick Review

AssemblyAI explains BERT. BERT is a versatile language model that can be easily fine-tuned to many language tasks. But how has it learned the language so well? And what is a language model? And what does it mean to fine-tune a model?

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AI Quantum Computing

From quantum picturalism to quantum NLP and quantum AI with Bob Coecke

In 2020 the Oxford-based Quantinuum team performed Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP) on IBM quantum hardware [1, 2]. Key to having been able to achieve what is conceived as a heavily data-driven task, is the observation that quantum theory and natural language are governed by much of the same compositional structure – a.k.a. tensor structure. […]

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AI Data Driven Ethics Natural Language Processing

Justin Harrison on Virtual Posthumous Communications

In this episode of Data Driven, Andy and I interview Justin Harrison, the founder and CEO of YOV, You Only Virtual. YOV aims to develop means to provide posthumous communications, or being able to converse with the dead. This is not done via paranormal communications, seances, or Ouija boards, this is using AI to preserve […]

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Azure Natural Language Processing

What are Azure Language Services?

Ayşegül Yönet tells us what Azure Language Services can do, such as understand and analyze text & conversations.

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