Quantum Computing

What is an Ansatz? Quantum Jargon Explained

This video is from Qiskit. So what is an Ansatz? An ansatz is an educated guess about the value or form of an unknown function and is used to help derive the real solution of an equation In quantum computing ansatz is usually a parameterized circuit often used in variational algorithms such as VQE. This […]

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AI Ethics Large Language Models

Why Do Large Language Models Hallucinate

In this video, Martin Keen explains the different types of “LLMs hallucinations”, why they happen, and ends with recommending steps that you, as a LLM user, can take to minimize their occurrence. Large language models (LLMs) like chatGPT can generate authoritative-sounding prose on many topics and domains, they are also prone to just “make stuff […]

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AI Red Hat

IBM Watson X Human Resources AI demonstration

In this video is from DeeperThanBlue Ltd watch an IBM Watson X HR demonstration of AI for business.

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Livestream Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Wall at IBM Innovation Studio in DC

This video is from FranksWorldTV. .

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Big Data Data Red Hat

Unlock the Potential of IBM Storage Fusion 5!

In today’s digital era, data is the lifeblood of any business. Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, efficient data management is crucial to keep your operations running smoothly. IBM Storage Fusion 2.5 is the ultimate tool designed to help you manage and store your data with ease. Are you tired of losing […]

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Career Security

Careers in Cybersecurity

Are you an IT professional thinking about branching out into the cybersecurity space? As Jeff “the security guy” notes in this video, there’s LOTS of demand and good salaries. If you’re interested in learning about the different entry paths and career growth opportunities, this video spells it out and provides several good getting-started resources.

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Livestream Red Hat

Unlocking the Potential of Data Storage with IBM Storage Fusion & Red Hat OpenShift Integration

Here’s the most recent Data Services Office House I did for OpenShift TV. Dive into the world of data storage and discover why it’s the unsung hero behind every successful data project! From colossal language models like ChatGPT 🤖 to humble CSV files on a shared drive, robust storage solutions are the backbone of data-driven […]

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Hardware Science

New IBM Device Accelerates AI with Chemistry !

In this video Anastasi In Tech discusses a new IBM device which speeds up AI Computing with Chemistry!

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