How to Learn from Free University Courses

In this video, students Seth Goldin and Sam Crombie discuss learning on the web, methods for choosing a topic and course, tips to consider when conducting your audit, and more!

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Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Full Course

Azure Synapse Analytics (ASA) is changing the way we work with data services in Azure. The ASA workspace combines the core technologies required for data warehousing, Big Data Analytics and Data Science. In this Learn with the Nerds event, Mitchell Pearson will teach you how you can use Synapse Analytics to solve the paradox of […]

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robot pointing on a wall

Nvidia Opens the Door to Deep Learning Workshops

Good news for folks looking to learn about the latest AI development techniques: Nvidia is now allowing the general public to access the online workshops it provides through its Deep Learning Institute (DLI). The GPU giant today announced today that selected workshops in the DLI catalog will be open to everybody. These workshops previously were […]

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