Naomi Brockwell


How To DE-GOOGLE Your Phone!

Google is all over our phones. The amount of data that they’re collecting about us is astronomical, regardless of whether we’re using an iPhone or an Android. But why does it matter if Google knows so much about us? First, that data is being siphoned up by governments: Not just the US government, but governments […]

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Privacy Security

What Is a VPN and Which Should You Choose?

VPNs are often considered an essential part of your toolkit if you want to live a modern, privacy-conscious lifestyle… but most computer security experts will tell you that they’re not tools for privacy at all!? When you use a consumer VPN, the VPN company is able to see everything you’re doing. Many log and even […]

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What is EOS?

Naomi Brockwell and Paul Puey tell us EOS is. It’s is a blockchain that’s designed to allow developers to build decentralized apps (dApps)

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Cryptocurrency Quantum Computing

Will Quantum Computers Break Cryptography and CryptoCurrencies?

With Google just accidentally announcing “Quantum Supremacy”,  Naomi Brockwell chats with a quantum computing expert Eric Dennis about Google’s “Quantum Supremacy”. What does this mean for cryptocurrency? Could the cryptography of cryptocurrency be broken?

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