Day: October 25, 2023

Data Science Python

Jan van der Vegt takes us on a walk through the isolation forest

This video is from PyData. Anomaly detection can help with fraud detection, predictive maintenance and cyber security cases amongst others. Next to this it can help on a meta level for other machine learning projects by detecting outliers during training or inference. One of the approaches to anomaly detection is called Isolation Forests. In this […]

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AWS Lambda explained in 90 seconds | Amazon Web Services

AWS Lambda processes tens of trillions requests every month. Learn how AWS Lambda accelerates your journey from an idea to a modern, production application, and why over one million customers use AWS Lambda each month. Learn more at:

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Open Source Red Hat

OpenShift Commons Gathering, Raleigh – Red Hat: The Road Ahead

Brian Gracely (Red Hat) looks at what challenges Red Hat OpenShift is resolving for customers and partners and how it continues to evolve.

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Developer Open Source

“The Economics of Programming Languages” by Evan Czaplicki (Strange Loop 2023)

This video is from Strange Loop Conference. In the mythology of open source, programming languages are created by people who seemingly have no direct economic function. They are just really good at compilers (somehow) and have a house to live in (somehow) and have a lifetime to devote to creating a useful programming language (somehow!) […]

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Security Windows

Windows Defender vs Top 100 Malware Sites

Windows Defender vs the top 100 malware sites compared with Malwarebytes. Is the default antivirus on Windows good enough now or do you need another antivirus still? This video is from The PC Security Channel.

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DevOps Red Hat

Ask an OpenShift Admin | Ep 117 | Security Series: CI/CD Pipeline Security

This video is from OpenShift. Red Hat’s Jaafar Chraibi joins Andrew and Jonny in fourth and final episode in the Ask an OpenShift Admin security series to discuss CI/CD Pipeline Security!

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Android Privacy Smartphones

Keyboard Apps are a privacy NIGHTMARE!

How private is your phone keyboard? This video is from NBTV, with Naomi Brockwell. Smartphones allow us to intimately communicate, do sensitive work, and access the world around us by tapping on a screen: The gateway to this world is the keyboard. It’s where we type our searches, our credit card details, our passwords. You’d […]

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AI Large Language Models

How to Compare Multiple Large PDF Files Using AI (w/ Jerry Liu, Co-Founder of LlamaIndex)

In this video from Chat with data, you’ll learn how to ask complex questions and compare valuable information across multiple large pdf documents using LlamaIndex. LlamaIndex is a data framework for LLM applications to ingest, structure, and access private or domain-specific data. Jerry Liu, Co-Founder of LlamaIndex, covers the use case of two financial 10-k […]

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