Better than Netflix? Jellyfin on a NAS

Jellyfin’s an awesome open source home media server. In this video, Jeff Geerling shows us how he uses it to organize my movies and TV shows.

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AI Data Mathematics Privacy Security

How to Safely Share Secrets: Homomorphic Encryption in Open Source Explained

Ever wondered how your data can be computed without being exposed? Sounds impossible, right? Dive into the world of Homomorphic Encryption, the groundbreaking technique that promises data privacy like never before! In this video, we’ll decode the complexities of this encryption method and explore its significance in the open-source realm. Whether you’re a cryptography enthusiast, […]

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Quantum Computing

What is Quantum Artificial Intelligence

This video is from Samuel Bosch where he discusses his PhD work on Quantum Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, Shor’s Quantum Factoring Algorithm for breaking RSA Security, and the Future of Quantum Computing I talk about my PhD research at MIT in Quantum Artificial Intelligence. I also explain the basic concepts of quantum computers, and why they are […]

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How to Encrypt Your DNS and STOP Your ISP SNOOPING!

This video is from Naomi Brockwell: NBTV. We presume what we search for on the internet stays private. But you might be leaking all of your internet activity through something called a DNS request. It’s possible that every site you want to visit is being collected and sold by your ISP, or monitored by countless […]

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Data Hardware

Comparing CPU, GPU, and DPU: What’s the Difference?

NetworkChuck was able to try out VMware vSphere on NVIDIA Bluefield DPUs. In this video, we’ll explore the insane power of these technologies through a hands-on access demo on NVIDIA LaunchPad. Learn more here: https://ntck.co/nvidialaunchpad

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AI Quantum Computing

Quantum AI Algorithms and the Future of Quantum Computing  

In this video Samuel Bosch talks about his PhD research at MIT in Quantum Artificial Intelligence. He also explain the basic concepts of quantum computers, and why they are superior to conventional computers for specific tasks. Prof. Peter Shor, the inventor of Shor’s algorithm and one of the founding fathers of Quantum Computing, kindly agreed […]

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Privacy Security Windows

Can the NSA Read Your Data on Windows?

Why does Windows contain the NSAKEY, what is it for, and why was it inserted into Windows during Windows NT Service Pack 5?

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Quantum Computing Security

How Dangerous are Quantum Computers?

A discussion of the potential benefits and dangers of quantum computing, security implications, and post-quantum cryptography.

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Interesting Security

How did the Enigma Machine work?

This video uses 3D animation to go inside the legendary Enigma Machine, which encrypted German military secrets during World War II. Time stamps: 1:01-Encryption 2:42-Engima Machine 4:23-Simple Circuit Example 5:23-Inside the Machine 6:15-Rotors 8:51-Plugboard 10:08-Keyboard Mechanism 12:14-The Circuit 13:15-Circuit Recap 14:38-Rotor Mechanism 17:06-Machine Settings 18:14-Brilliant

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