Cryptocurrency FinTech

The Attack on DeFi Has Begun

This video is from Crypto Tips.

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FinTech Privacy

The TRUTH about Bank Privacy

This video is from Naomi Brockwell TV. Financial privacy has practically vanished over the last 50 years. Most people are in denial about it, and still believe that their relationship with their bank or their credit union is confidential — the reality couldn’t be further from that. In this video we walk you through the […]

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AI Data FinTech

Data, Acquisitions, and AI: Insights from FiscalNote’s CTO | Big Ideas In App Architecture

Vlad Eidelman, Chief Technology Officer at FiscalNote a Government Relationship Management (GRM) service, sits down with David Joy from CockroachDB. to examine the technical complexities involved with acquisitions. Vlad explains the challenges with integrating products running on different infrastructures, and talks through his proven strategies for a successful integration.

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FinTech Python

Algorithmic Trading – Machine Learning & Quant Strategies Course with Python

In this comprehensive course on algorithmic trading from, you will learn about three cutting-edge trading strategies to enhance your financial toolkit. In the first module, you’ll explore the Unsupervised Learning Trading Strategy, utilizing S&P 500 stocks data to master features, indicators, and portfolio optimization. Next, you’ll leverage the power of social media with the […]

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AI FinTech Large Language Models

How They Built a 50 Billion Parameter Financial Language Model

This video is from Toronto Machine Learning Series (TMLS). We will present BloombergGPT, a 50 billion parameter language model, purpose-built for finance and trained on a uniquely balanced mix of standard general-purpose datasets and a diverse array of financial documents from the Bloomberg archives. Building a large language model (LLM) is a costly and time-intensive […]

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AI FinTech Red Hat

Fraud Detection UseCase on Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

This article ( provides an AI/ML use case for detecting fraudulent transactions in a financial institution on RHODS.

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FinTech Security

Hacking Through the Air | Contactless Payments and NFC

This video is from Sumsub. So, there’s a high probability that you’ve used a contactless payment method today, whether that’s for your morning ‘decaf soy latte with an extra shot’ or for the underground fare, it all depends on your daily routine and lifestyle. With solutions such as Apple Pay, our phones are basically becoming […]

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FinTech Machine Learning

Algorithmic Trading and Machine Learning

This video from Simons Institute was posted seven years ago. Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania on Algorithmic Game Theory and Practice

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AI FinTech Generative AI Large Language Models

ChatGPT Plugin Review: TradingBro. Analyze stocks and financial data instantly.

This video is from AI with Oliver. This is part of our AI plugin review series. We use the new Trading Bro plugin to explore recent price moves in stocks and find similar stocks. Then we ask it to evaluate those stocks and let us know if any pay dividends. We also introduce AI Plugins […]

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Databricks FinTech

Databricks Lakehouse makes payments ingestion and analytics simple

Financial institutions are increasingly adopting ISO 20022, an industry standard for exchanging electronic messages. Providing structure and dedicated fields for payment details, the formatting standard creates communication efficiency. This demo focuses on writing the ISO 20022 format with the Lakehouse architecture and how to apply analytics on those payments and sensitive workloads.

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