Health Tech

Computer Vision Deep Learning

PyTorch and Monai for AI Healthcare Imaging – Python Machine Learning Course

Learn how to use PyTorch, Monai, and Python for computer vision using machine learning. One practical use-case for artificial intelligence is healthcare imaging. In this course, you will improve your machine learning skills by creating an algorithm for automatic liver segmentation. Code: Course Contents: (0:00:00) Introduction (0:02:11) What is U-Net (0:13:21) Software Installation (0:22:35) […]

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Covid Pandemic Data

X-RAIS: The Third Eye

The health emergency underway worldwide has highlighted the need to strengthen the surveillance and care of the sick at home, to avoid hospital overcrowding. X-RAIS is an AI tool, which as a third eye supports radiologists during the reporting phase of radiological images. Within this context, we extended X-RAIS capabilities with ALFABETO (ALl FAster BEtter […]

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Databricks Spark

Healthcare Claim Reimbursement using Apache Spark

Here’s an interesting video on using Databricks to increase the efficiency of healthcare claim reimbursements.

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Scientists Create the FIRST Living Robot

ColdFusion highlights a recent advancement in bio-engineering which created something entirely new. More information: Research Paper: GitHub Link:

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Data IoT

Real Time Blood Sugar Monitoring

In this Data Point, Frank shares his fascination with a new health tech device that has changed the game for his health. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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Future IoT

The Scanner That Could Save Lives

BBC Click visits a children’s hospital using a new low-cost portable ultrasound scanner and see the latest gadgets from Japan’s CEATEC expo.  

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Azure API for FHIR

Michael Hansen joins Scott Hanselman to explain what FHIR is and how to get started with FHIR on Azure. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (or, FHIR) is a new standard for representing and exchanging healthcare data. Developed by the HL7 community to address problems with interoperability, pieces of healthcare data are represented as resources in FHIR […]

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Azure Cosmos DB: A competitive advantage for healthcare ISVs
CosmosDB IoT

Is Cosmos DB a Competitive Advantage for Healthcare ISVs?

Here’s an interesting blog blost co-authored by Shweta Mishra and Vinil Menon, both of CitiusTech. CitiusTech is a specialist provider of healthcare technology services which helps its customers to accelerate innovation in healthcare.  CitiusTech used Azure Cosmos DB to simplify the real-time collection and movement of healthcare data from variety of sources in a secured […]

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AI Startups Statistics

How to Build a Biomedical Startup

Siraj Raval has built and open sourced an app called Dr Source, your personal medical question answering service! It uses a model called BioBERT trained on over 700K Q&As from PubMed, HealthTap, and other health related websites. He used Flutter to build an app around it and presents it to the world as a more […]

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AI Startups

How to Build a Healthcare Startup

In this video, the great and powerful Siraj Raval shows you how to build a healthcare startup with AI.

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