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The Illusion of Control: Adobe’s Cloud Conundrum

In technology, a subtle yet profound shift has occurred, one that encapsulates the broader narrative of our times. This shift, emblematic of a larger trend, is nowhere more evident than in the recent actions of Adobe, a company whose software once resided comfortably on our personal computers, a bastion of control and privacy. Today, however, […]

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Ditching Adobe and Windows: A 14-Day Linux Video Production Experiment

As someone who is deeply concerned about Windows 10 end of life and Adobe’s recent shenanigans, experiment from ExplainingComputers has gotten my full attention. Linux vs Adobe! Two-week experiment making videos using Linux running DaVinci Resolve, Autograph, Photopea, Lightworks, Inkscape and Audacity, rather than Windows running the Adobe Creative Cloud applications Premiere Pro, After Effects, […]

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Say Goodbye to Adobe: The Ultimate Alternatives for 2024

This video from Gamefromscratch highlights alternatives for those looking to leave the Adobe Stack behind.. For a variety of reasons a number of long time Adobe users are looking for alternatives to their popular suite of graphics applications. In this video we look at some of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance Painter/Designer, […]

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Is It Time to Ditch Adobe?

This video from Andy Hutchinson has me asking the same question. As Adobe become embroiled in yet more scandalous behaviour, world-weary customers have begun to question their loyalty to a company who persist in treating them like sh_t. So is it time to move on … or are we all forced to be more pragmatic […]

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Does Adobe own your Photoshop content?

When a tech controversy reaches the mainstream media, then you know that something big is going on. Not to be content with angering their long term creative customers, Adobe has managed to anger lawyers, who rely on Adobe Acrobat and PDF related solutions to run their practices more efficiently. And, after spending the last 15 […]

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Adobe, we need to talk

This video is from FranksWorldTV.

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Has the Adobe Empire Has Fallen

This video is from Grayson’s Graphics. Adobe just released their new terms of service which allows them to spy on you, steal your content, and resell it for their own gain. I break down how Adobe is using your content to train their AI model and how you can opt-out of Adobe AI training.

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Did Adobe Just %#@$ Up?

This video is from Gamefromscratch. So Adobe “just” released a new terms of service for most of their creative products like Adobe Photoshop and Substance 3D and lets just say some of the new terms aren’t exactly going over well with the community. How do you feel about your work being used to train their […]

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AI Video Production

Maximize Your Editing Efficiency: 7 Must-Have AI Tools in Premiere Pro

This video from Lila takes you through the innovations in Adobe Premiere that take full advantage of AI.

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AI VFX Video Production

Replace Your Actor with a CG Character in One Click

This video is from the one and only Film Riot. Can you replace your actor with a CG character with just one click? Wonder Studio from Wonder Dynamics aims to make that a reality. But how good is it?

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