What is Network Time Protocol (NTP)?

Just how do computers synchronise clocks across the Internet? Dr Julian Onions implemented this at Nottingham after meeting the godfather of Internet time, Dave Mills!

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Robot Decision Making – Computerphile

Deterministic route finding isn’t enough for the real world – Nick Hawes of the Oxford Robotics Institute takes us through some problems featuring probabilities.

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Generative AI

Stable Diffusion in Code (AI Image Generation)

Mike Continues his look at AI Image Generation with Stable Diffusion

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Generative AI

How AI Image Generators Work (Stable Diffusion / Dall-E)

AI image generators are massive, but how are they creating such interesting images? Dr Mike Pound explains what’s going on.

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AI Ethics Research

LaMDA Logic

Discussing the philosophical ideas behind AI Sentience, with Professor Mark Jago, Professor of Philosophy at University of Nottingham.

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Reverse Engineering Software Explained

You just have the binary – can you work out what it does & how? Dr Steve Bagley talks about how you might reverse engineer a piece of software.

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Natural Language Processing

AI Language Models & Transformers

Plausible text generation has been around for a couple of years, but how does it work – and what’s next? Rob Miles on Language Models and Transformers.

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AI Google

No, it’s not Sentient – Computerphile

Computerphile adds their two cents (pence?) to the recent drama around a Google researcher’s claim that his AI project had become sentient

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Why Information Theory is Important

Zip files & error correction depend on information theory, Tim Muller takes us through how Claude Shannon’s early Computer Science work is still essential today!

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