Unlimited Fresh Water: Can MIT’s Breakthrough Save Us?

This video from Ziroth is an exploration into a resent rabbit hole he went down. I read about MIT’s new desalination breakthrough on Reddit, and needed to learn more! The topic of desalination is an important one that is only becoming more critical and could be a lifeline for huge area of the world. As […]

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AI Data Driven

Gevorg Karapetyan on Talking with Your Data

On today’s episode of the Data Driven podcast, Andy and I welcome Gevorg Karapetyan to the show. Gevorg is the Chief Technology Officer at ZERO. In this talk, he talks about his past days in computer science research and shares how ZERO helps Fortune 500 companies bring generative AI to market in the most secure way.

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This Genius Turbine Will Change Energy Forever

This video is from Ziroth explains toroidal propellers, which have shown the ability to increase efficiency and reduce noise on boats and drones, but in this video we will see if these benefits can be transferred to wind turbines and planes.

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Why Can’t We Divide by Zero?

I’ve often wondered why this rule of mathematics has withstood the test of time: don’t divide by zero. In the world of math, many strange results are possible when we change the rules. But there’s one rule that most of us have been warned not to break: don’t divide by zero. How can the simple […]

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