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How To Make A Table In Excel

It may be a basic data analysis tool, but Excel runs the world. Every data scientist person who deals with data should have a fundamental understanding of Excel. Tech Insider shows us how to create a table in Microsoft Excel.

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Covid Pandemic Interesting

Why Kids Write Letters Backward

As the pandemic has closed schools and I’ve become an impromptu teacher. I have always wondered why kids write letters backwards. Vox explains in detail.

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AI Generative AI

Game of Thrones Finale Rewritten with AI

College Humor claims to have an AI written script for the Game of Thrones finale. It’s funny to watch and reads like it was written by a bot. However, without a link to any documentation or source code, we will have to take it on faith that it’s a product of AI or random typing […]

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AI Data Science

What Writing a Data Science Article Every Week for a Year Teaches You

Here are some interesting thoughts from a frequent (and I do mean frequent) contributor to Towards Data Science. An article on Data Science once a week? I need to up my game from monthly to daily! In any case, here are the five takeaways from a year of weekly data science writing are: You can […]

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Data Science

How to Write a Research Paper

Not long ago, I thought that my days writing research papers were behind me. Since getting into data science, that seems like a faulty assumption. While the field has definitely left the academic sphere and taken off in the public and commercial space, the field still has a heavy accent on academia. There are even […]

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AI Azure

Exploring Azure Machine Learning Studio

As many of you know, I have had a regular column in MSDN Magazine on UWP development for the past 18 months. However, today I am excited to announce that the column will now shift focus to Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning.  This is a natural progression, given the direction of FranksWorld.com and the […]

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