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Bliss – The Story of Windows XP’s Famous Default Wallpaper

Bliss was used as Windows XP’s default wallpaper. For most people, that is all it will ever be. But behind this green hill and blue sky lies a story of ambition, passion, and spontaneity that defined a photographer’s legacy.

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Windows 11 Pinball

The original Windows NT programmer for Windows Pinball reveals how Windows Pinball made it from NT to Windows 11 today. Dave was the original developer who wrote the XP port of Windows Pinball, and in this episode, he tells the story from the game’s original addition to Windows all the way to its removal, and […]

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A Look Back at the UMPC

Once upon a time (around 14 years ago), I was a Tablet PC developer, MVP, and all around fan boy. In other words, I was into tablets before they were cool. Indeed, I was in to tablets before they were practical. And this review by RetroManCave of a Azus R2H UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) indicates […]

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