How To Build a $20,000 3D Website (No Code + AI)

This video is from WeAreNoCode – Learn No-Code!.

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Developer Javascript

How To Make Fun Multi-Window Websites

You have no doubt seen some of these multi-window browser app demos that defy explanation. At first, I thought they were faked using VFX, but, apparently, they are real. This video from Wes Bos explains how they work. Code here:

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Don’t Be Forced to Use Google’s Proxy – Build Your Own

This video is from NetworkChuck. Google’s Proxy Thing in Chrome: Yep, Google’s mixing things up by adding a proxy right inside Chrome. Is this the future of browsing? Let’s find out. Proxy vs. VPN: Heard of VPNs? Well, proxies are a bit different. We’ll break down what’s what and which you might wanna use. DIY […]

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GameDev Python

How to Code An Entire Game Using ChatGPT

Nick White used ChatGPT to create an entire game from scratch using Chat GPT. Are we witnessing the birth of an entirely new kind of coder?

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