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How to Build an Automatic Irrigation System with Arduino

In this video learn how to build an automatic irrigation system using Arduino. You can do this simple project for fun, for a science project in your school/college or to impress your grandma by watering her garden without actually watering manually.

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HTML Canvas DEEP DIVE for Beginners

Last week support for Silverlight 5 officially ended, but let’s be real: the Silverlight era ended a long time ago. At Mix 2011, I saw the potential of the HTML Canvas element: the ability to draw directly onto an HTML element reliably across browsers meant that the plug-in age was over. Here’s a great tutorial […]

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Python Blog Tutorial #2 – Flask User Authentication and Security

In part two of this blog tutorial series! In this video, Tim from Tech with Time will be showing us how to add security and authentication for blog application. For example; sign in, sign out, and create an account. Timestamps 00:00 | Overview 01:01 | HTTP POST Method 04:04 | Getting Form Data 06:39 | […]

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