Voice Recognition

IoT Speech and Voice

Voice-enabled IoT scenarios with Custom Commands

Custom Commands makes it easy to build rich voice commanding apps optimized for voice-first interaction experiences. This session will walk through what Custom Commands is and how to use it for voice commanding scenarios. Learn more about Custom Commands at https://aka.ms/iotshow/CustomCommands

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Building a custom machine learning model on Android with Tensorflow Lite
Android Speech and Voice TensorFlow

Building a Custom Machine Learning Model on Android with Tensorflow Lite

Machine learning is a trend that you cannot miss out on when developing an Android mobile app for the digital era Remember Tony Stark’s assistant Jarvis? or HAL? Or the computer on Star Trek? With machine learning taking off the way it has, this is not science fiction anymore. You very likely have a personal […]

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Big Data Future Science

Storing Data in DNA

BBC Click has look at what could be the future of data storage: DNA. They also cover some interesting work in voice recognition.

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