Visual Studio 2019


C++ FULL COURSE For Beginners (Learn C++ in 10 hours)

This is a full C++ programming course. It consists of many lectures whose goal is to take you from beginner to advanced programming level. Time stamps: 00:00:00 – Introduction, Goals of the course, How course is structured? 00:01:31 – Do this before starting the course 00:02:41 – Introduction to C++ (What is C++? What kind […]

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Interesting Windows

Retrocoding the World’s Smallest Windows App in x86 ASM

Dave  from Dave’s Garage  builds the World’s Smallest Windows application live in x86 assembly using only a text editor and the command line to assemble the program using the Microsoft MASM assembler. Whether you’re a professional programmer or just curious about how assembly language works, what makes it different from machine language, and why it […]

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Azure Developer

Azure Tips and Tricks for Visual Studio 2019

Learn Michael Crump’s latest Azure tips and tricks that will help you be more productive working with Azure in Visual Studio 2019. Azure Tips and Tricks project Azure Tips and Tricks videos Tip 130: Visual Studio app settings Tip 43: Logic apps in Visual Studio Tip 44: Deploy through Visual Studio Create a free account […]

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Docker All the Things!

Here’s a great video on Docker support in VS 2019 from the recent product launch.

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Microsoft Python

Python development with Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2019 comes with a number of updates for Python developers. See how Visual Studio 2019 makes working with Python fun.

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