Computer Vision Video Production

Doctor Strange Multiverse Using Computer Vision.

How to add Doctor Strange VFX in real time using Computer Vision.

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Video Production

Unreal Engine Filmmaking & VFX

Film Riot dives into Unreal Engine with real time environments and vfx for filmmaking and indy projects. I just started learning unreal engine so these are just the basics of what I was able to manage for the time being while still creating a complete sequence. There is a lot of I have to learn […]

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Video Production Virtual Reality

Is Video Game Tech the Future of Filmmaking?

The Mandalorian was groundbreaking in more ways than one. Check out this video to see how video game rendering and mixed reality open up new creative possibilities for filmmakers. Hyper realistic cars created in Unreal Engine could replace the need to shut down major roads to film a car chase or crash. As Unreal puts […]

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Research Virtual Reality

AI Learns Real-Time Defocus Effects in VR

In this video, Two Minute Papers examines the paper  “DeepFocus: Learned Image Synthesis for Computational Displays” from Facebook Research.   Having a neural network synthesize depth and focus information from a two dimensional input can make more content usable for virtual reality or mixed reality uses.

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Examining the Method Robot

CaptainDisillusion is a VFX expert who examines viral videos for evidence of special effects trickery. His videos are always entertaining, informative, and, if you’re interested in video effects, utterly fascinating. In this video, he breaks down a demonstration of the Method Robot, an exoskeleton clearly inspired by science fiction. The robot is real, but it may […]

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