Science Security

Is the Universe is Hostile to Computers?

Can tiny particles from distant galaxies trigger glitches that have caused plane accidents, election interference and game glitches.

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The Surprising Genius of 3D Printed Rockets

3D printing is poised to revolutionize manufacturing.  Why not the space industry as well? 3D printed rockets save on up front tooling, enable rapid iteration, decrease part count, and facilitate radically new designs.

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The Longest-Running Evolution Experiment

Veritasium highlights the longest running revolutionary experiment in history. I feel that “Bacteria Fight Club” should be a thing.

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Interesting Solar

Racing A Solar Car Across The Australian Outback

Here’s an interesting look at a solar powered race across the Australian Outback.

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This equation will change how you see the world

Veritasium fascinates with this exploration of a mathematical formula that keeps cropping up all over the place.

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