Autonomous Vehicles

A First Look at Cruise’s First Fully Driverless Car

Cruise, the self-driving subsidiary of General Motors, revealed its first vehicle to operate without a human driver, the Cruise Origin. The vehicle, which lacks a steering wheel and pedals, is designed to be more spacious and passenger-friendly than typical self-driving cars. Cruise says the electric vehicle will be deployed as part of a ride-hailing service, […]

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Ikea and Smart Home Tech

The Verge explores Ikea’s push into smart home technology and why that’s a big deal. For seven years, Ikea has treated the smart home as a hobby. That’s changing now that Björn Block’s Home Smart division has been promoted to the same importance as Living Room, Bedroom, and all the other Ikea businesses that have […]

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Autonomous Vehicles Drones

Skydio 2: An Affordable Autonomous Drone

The Verge takes a look at the Skydio 2 – a drone that can fly itself, follow you around without crashing into trees. This device is affordable at $999 for the aircraft itself. A pair of optional $150 controllers are a separate purchase if you need longer range and/or more control over filming. Learn more: […]

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Virtual Reality

What Ever Happened to Smart Glasses

The Verge’s Adi Robertson asks the question: Why haven’t Smart Glasses become more mainstream? Whether you think smart glasses are cool or creepy, for most people, they’re not a part of everyday life. But AR glasses and headsets — including long-running projects like Google Glass — have found a niche with manufacturing, military simulations, and […]

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Gadgets Smartphones

Why Has Battery Technology Lagged Behind?

The Verge ponders why battery technology has lagged behind the remarkable innovations in smartphone technology.

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AI Autonomous Vehicles Economics of AI

The Automated World

The Verge has an interesting video on the impact of automation on job markets and what that means for economies and societies.

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AI Autonomous Vehicles

Can You Really Transform Your Car into a Self-Driving Car for $1,000?

Every single time I find myself on the Beltway (or I-95) I really long for the day that I can relax rather than focus on how ridiculous traffic is the DC area. Maybe, there’s hope thanks to this startup in Vegas.

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