5 things you didn’t know your USB Flash Drive could do

Before you throw out old flash drives, check out the 5 epic things you can do with your Flash USB drives that you may not know about!

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Hardware Interesting

How does a USB keyboard work?

Folks today don’t realize how impactful USB has been on the world of peripherals. No more messing with dipswitches, SCSI numbers, drivers, etc. Just true plug and play. It works so reliably it feels like magic.

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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Review

Jeff Geerling puts the Compute Module 4 through its paces and compares it to the Raspberry Pi 4 and Compute Module 3+, highlighting some great new features like a PCI Express 1x slot on the IO board and NVMe support. Content index: 00:00 – Introduction 03:29 – A Complete Redesign 04:35 – PCIe, USB 3, […]

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Maker Solar

Should You Build or Buy a 5V USB Portable Solar Power Charger?

In this video, GreatScott! takes a closer look at a commercial 5V USB portable solar power charger. After measuring its output power and pretty much “short reviewing” the product, I will try to make my own DIY version that should cost around the same while outputting more power! Let’s get started!

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Covid Pandemic Maker

How to Convert Laptop Webcams to USB Webcams

The pandemic instantly increased the demand for webcams as video conferencing took off. Increased demand plus disrupted supply chains means $30 webcams are selling for twice that (or more). Fortunately, Matt from DIY Perks shows how to make an external webcam by taking the webcam module out of an old laptop.

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