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Reverse Engineering Software Explained

You just have the binary – can you work out what it does & how? Dr Steve Bagley talks about how you might reverse engineer a piece of software.

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Computerphile Explains the Mythical Man Month

Many will have heard the phrase ‘Mythical Man Month’ and assume it’s simply about whether manpower and time are interchangeable – the book is really about much more. Professor Brailsford explains how this all relates to the humble byte

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Developer DevOps

Inside the Hidden Git Folder

Dr Max Wilson takes us through the various elements that make Git such a useful tool.

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Java Security

Log4J & JNDI Exploit: Why So Bad? – Computerphile

By now, you have certainly heard of the Log4J exploit and that it’s been called the “most critical vulnerability of the last decade.” Dr Bagley and Dr Pound explain why it’s so pervasive.

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Current Events Interesting

Why Did Facebook Fail?

Just what was it that took Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp offline on 4th October 2021? – Dr Steve Bagley investigates.

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Big Data

Dealing With Big Data – Computerphile

Big Data sounds may be a buzz word, and is hard to quantify, but the problems with large data sets are very real. Dr Isaac Triguero explains some of the challenges.

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What are Random Boolean Networks

Random boolean networks also have some surprising properties. Computerphile demonstrates how complex systems can arise from simple rules. Dr Alex Turner generates some

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Science Software

The Knapsack Problem & Genetic Algorithms

Computerphile explores genetic algorithms and all the processes it encompasses: tournament selection, roulette selection, mutation, crossover, etc.

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AI Interesting

Neuromorphic Computing

Computerphile presents Memristors, Artificial Synapses & Neomorphic Computing. Dr Phil Moriarty on the limitations of the Von Neumann architecture and what could be next.   Related Links: Phil’s blog post:   Von Neumann Architecture:  

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